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The Fan

Nicki Minaj is fresh off her second number CD on the Billboard 200 and how does she repay her fans. She blanks on the biggest fan site and deletes her twitter page. No that isn’t a joke, has supported Nicki from the very beginning and posted a leaked song. Nicki got wind and went on a rampage forcing the fan site to delete her twitter page, then went on a twitter rant about how hard she has it before deleting her twitter all together. I am sure this is nothing more than a sad ploy to get more sales since she clearly didn’t sell as many as last time out but how pathetic is anyone to argue with their fan base. Nickidaily got the last laugh closing the fan site and posting Dear Old Nicki to play when you go to the page. Check out the former fan page here: tell us what you think about this mess in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri


Tardy to the Party: She’s the Man

Cutie pie Amanda Bynes entered into the folds of child star royalty when she got arrested for a DUI. Amanda not only was driving under the suspicion of alcohol but she hit a police car, which is kinda what caused the suspicion of her being under the influence. Not a good or smart move Amanda but hey I am sure this will make you all kinds of famous within the next few weeks. Read more about her incident here: and look at her mug shot below.


Thick Skinned

You know in the bible Jesus is described as having hair of wool and skin of bronze and the most popular visuals of him is a blonde hair, blue-eyed man . That comes to mind because for some strange reason some unfortunate souls that have seen the massive hit Hunger Games are upset that two characters Rue and Thresh are black in the film even though in the book they are both described as having dark brown skin. Many have taken to twitter to voice disdain for the casting of the pair which are played by the upcoming powerhouse Amandla Steinberg and Dayo Okeniyi. Some people really don not have the sense that God gave them. Read more about the senseless outrage here: and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Princess of China, by way of Japan???

Rihanna Fenty alegedly had a better education than those here in the US. When Rihanna was called a Niggerbitch by a Dutch magazine and she responded on twitter most touted how intellegent she sounded defending herself against the racist suggestion. That makes this all the more puzzling if the education is so much better than, then why is she calling her new attire “Gangsta Geisha” for her look in the boring Princess of China duet with Coldplay? Wouldn’t her superior education enlighten her that Geisha’s are a JAPANESE history moment and not Chinese? Look at pictures below and laugh at the internet gangsta in all her overexposed glory. If you going to pay homage please know what you are paying homage to. Let us know what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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When all Else Fails

As Rush Limbaugh continues to face fallout from his big stupid mouth the radio host is grasping at straws to defend his statement against Georgetown law student Sarah Fluke. Now he is going the Don Imus route in , you guessed it blaming rap music. He began to ramble on his show that hip hop artist can say what they want against women and they win awards for it. interesting point of view Rush you should also know that is Hip Hop artist got caught with drugs on the level that you did they would go to jail not making millions on a radio show but hey it’s the way the cookie crumbles huh? Read more about Rush trying to turn himself into the victim here: and tell us what you think about Limbaugh’s pathetic downward spiral


Flawless Victory

Teenage stans of Nicki Minaj beware!!!! If you use that @ key to missjillscott you better prepared for the consequences. The diva did not spare the feelings or underdeveloped brains of Minaj after they felt a way about her not feeling Nicki’s God awful performance at the Grammys. Check out the series of tweets in which Miss Scott shows the saying is still true. Youth is wasted on the young : Tell us what you think about these silly rabbits in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Nancy Grace hangs up on Pastor Shirley Cesar

Talentless, sensationalist, and rude and three words that aptly describe Nancy Grace in her interview with Pastor Shirley Cesar following Whitney Houston’s death.  Grace, who has focused all her energy on discussing Whitney’s past drug use and implicating it in her death, that she refuses to pay tribute to the legend. In her interview with Shirley Cesar, Grace begins to bombard Pastor Shirley Cesar with questions about Whitney’s drug use, when Pastor Cesar refuses to answer the question but yet elegantly reminds Grace that we have all sinned, Nancy Grace rudely hangs up the phone on her in mid-sentence.  Listen to the full audio below.  We at mediamyxx hate say to Nancy Grace, shame on you, just because this isn’t a lost Caucasian female doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve respect.

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Chris Brown and Rihanna cozy at her birthday party

Say it ain’t so Ri Ri.  Sources confirm that Chris Brown and Rihanna were spotted cuddling together at her birthday party.  According to, Chris Brown was so nervous about people seeing him at the party, that he attempted to have his enterouge have all the party-goers sign a confidentially agreement.  Well ofcourse, everyone didn’t sign the agreement and word got out, along with a picture of Ri Ri’s cake, a blunt with a model of Rihanna riding it.  Ironically, we didn’t think anything could top Miley Cyrus’ penis cake for her birthday but we were wrong.  Again happy birthday Ri Ri, and we at mediamyxx have one question, Did you get your birthday spanking?

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Lil Wanye throws Rocks at The Throne

Lil Wayne used a pre-Grammy party to take another shot at Jay-z. This time he took a jab at The Throne, the group with Jay and Kanye saying “I met a red-bone, I took the girl home/I asked her what she wanna watch, she said, ‘surely not The Throne”. Meh, the crowd loved it and this is the second time within the last year Wayne has continued to come for Jay, last year Wayne called Beyonce a bitch and threatened to kidnap her but that was overshadowed by Beyonce announcing her pregnancy. Cash Money/Young Money want respect, the kind Jay-z and Roc Nation have , they have made no qualms saying this especially because they are better at launching new talent. When Forbes featured Jay-z and his success Baby decided not to be outdone they went straight to magazine Hip Hop Weekly( this is NOT a typo) to boast about this success and money. Cash Money recently has gone on a signing spree picking up Busta Rhymes, Tyga, Mystical and Christina Milian but at this point they have only released albums but Nicki Minaj, Drake and Wanye. Cash Money was front and center at the Grammys with both Nicki and Wanye performing in prime spots but it was Roc Nation who took home the Grammy gold, I guess that red bone doesn’t watch The Throne but Grammy voters do huh? Tell us what you think of this latest nudge by Wanye in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Attention Whores: Rihanna gets a dumb tattoo and tweets about it

Rihanna continues her look at me behavior this time by getting a dumb tattoo and posting it on twitter. She got “Thug Life” on her knuckles in white ink and rushed to post  the pictures on twitter. Of course she is just “living her life” or ‘being young” her supporters rush to defend her silly actions just as they did when she clearly wanted to be seen smoking weed while on vacation in Hawaii. On top of the stupid tat she looks like she absolutely reeks of alcohol and weed. Hey she wants the attention here is goes look at the stupid tat here: