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When all Else Fails

As Rush Limbaugh continues to face fallout from his big stupid mouth the radio host is grasping at straws to defend his statement against Georgetown law student Sarah Fluke. Now he is going the Don Imus route in , you guessed it blaming rap music. He began to ramble on his show that hip hop artist can say what they want against women and they win awards for it. interesting point of view Rush you should also know that is Hip Hop artist got caught with drugs on the level that you did they would go to jail not making millions on a radio show but hey it’s the way the cookie crumbles huh? Read more about Rush trying to turn himself into the victim here: and tell us what you think about Limbaugh’s pathetic downward spiral


The Complexion Police

Three weeks into 2012 and thirsty black watch dogs have already found their Beyoncé race outrage to latch onto. This time the faux outrage stems from an unreleased picture from her latest album 4. Again there are claims her skin was digitally made lighter as she looks “pale” and gasp has blonde hair. Beyoncé colored her hair blonde in 1999 and since them black folk have lost their collective minds over it. I am always puzzled by the outrage as race related writers; blogs and apparently hair stylist run to the mainstream press to plug their respective business while questioning someone else’s level of blackness. In the new L’Oreal commercial the singer says her skin has a history and with a simple Google search you can see it from fresh out the womb. Beyoncé is a light skin black woman; she is lighter in the winter, darker in the summer and uses bronzer to give her skin her infamous Dangerously in Love golden glow. After 13 consecutive years of trying to find fault with Beyoncé on the matter of her complexion I am saying ENOUGH already. Contrary to what you are being told wearing blonde hair does not equate to wanting to be a white woman and more importantly no one has the right to pull your card for doing so. Etta James, Mary J Blige, T Boz, Keyshia Cole, Tiny and more recently Rihanna have used the lighter shade in their hair and have not had to deal with the constant backlash. There has to be another issue in black entertainment that you can latch onto for attention. I am in all truth surprised Beyoncé naming her daughter Blue is not more “proof” she “rejects” her black roots as she clearly could have named her baby Black or Brown. The pictures in question were taken last year and clearly are the same ones used last year when she promoted her album. Beyoncé is a black woman, married to a black man, she just gave birth to a black daughter, and she has a black mother, father, sister and family you can write article after article but her blackness is not up for debate period. Beyoncé sends a wonderful message to young black girls and that message is live your life to the fullest in the manner you please. She doesn’t respond to the nonsense nor does she attempt to prove “blackness” to her hecklers. In truth this is not about the message young girls get from her pictures, this is the typical black press doing w finding a popular person of color to extoll their agenda on. This is the same as Tavis Smiley using the president to fuel his agenda for his State of the “Black Union” or how we branded Whitney Houston as a “sell out” when she was on top for singing “white music” eventually booing her at the Soul Train Awards, or the infamous Michael Jackson smear campaign. It doesn’t stop there we have all seen Oprah, Tyler Perry, and Will Smith to name a few become entangled in some  criticism at the hands of the negro police that patrols the souls of the black rich and famous. At some point they didn’t hire enough blacks, didn’t wear their hair the standardized negro length or texture and when you step outside the guidelines it sends the ubiquitous “ bad message” to young people of color. Beyoncé is sending the best message of all to young black girls that you have the freedom express yourself however you see fit. No matter what anyone says about you, you do not have to fit into some mold of blackness. No matter the font or letter sizing you are a “real” black girl when you are born. If blonde hair makes you happy rock it, if you don’t feel like tanning and people call your pale that is their issue. Its is truly time to turn the page on this non issues and focus our talents on real issues facing the black youth and I can assure you it’s not the color of Beyonce’s hair or skin.  Let us know what you think do you agree with the color police?  Let us know by hitting us here or on twitter @mediamyxx .

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