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Pizza, Pizza

Instead of suffering through the Grammy’s awful performances Jay-z took his wife out to their favorite Pizza place in Brooklyn for a Sunday date. The rapper took his wife, Beyonce to Lucali’s pizza where they sat in the back and enjoyed each other’s company. Jay previous told us of his weekly pizza date with Beyonce in his interview with Oprah for her magazine O. Read more about Jay pampering his wife here:

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Paula Deen Announced Diabetes

Food Network star Paula Deen announced to the world she has type 2 diabetes for 3 years and the scandal has turned the food industry on its axis. Paula Deen who down home cooking and southern belle persona made her an instant star for the next work has come under fire for her style of cooking by Anthony Bourdain who feels her food is too decadent . Paula Deen teamed up with a drug company to promote diabeties medication which prompted her long time publicist to quit. While many feel Paula pulled the wool over many people’s eyes we must remember we are responsible for what we put into our bodies . It is silly to blame a chef about what she choses to cook on her show. There are plenty of other shows to watch if you want to eat healthy.  We at Mediamyxx hope Paula takes care of herself and continues making good food. What do you think let us know @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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