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We just had this conversation this weekend and I was working on a blog of  my own to sum up my feelings on this very subject. It started with realizing that Kanye West is now the man he used to make fun of and how whitewashed Roc Nation seems to be. Remember when Jay-z did huge events with Mary J singing or Jaguar Wright and now you got Rihanna bellowing like a goat. What happen to real girls like Tootie? Anyway this is a great read and kudos to the writer excellent work and a dope ass analogy.

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The Natasha Complex

On the second season of Sex and the City, Carrie famously had a Natasha Complex that ended with Natasha falling down a flight of stairs and breaking her tooth and Carrie breaking Aiden’s heart. Through the season Carrie bought shoes, laughed at grammatical errors, and snuck around with Natasha’s husband behind her back to hide the fact she didn’t feel she measured up to her. Carrie saw herself as the strong curly-haired girl who was too complex and complicated to be tied down vs Natasha the simple girl with straight hair who lacked to her in every way but beneath the facade she envied her effortless life. Beyoncé is that woman for the black community it seems, her entire existence is treated like an act of terrorism. If Beyoncé is honored with People Magazine’s most beautiful a magazine that comes out annually then we have to have discuss beauty in the black community, colorism and the very foundation of what is considered beautiful. When you question the reason you are immediately deemed a stan or making excuses for her “light-skin” privilege and reminded Beyoncé doesn’t represent true black beauty. Well before these women could recover from such a blow to the attack on the foundation of beauty, Beyoncé struck again this time getting awarded for a piece she wrote for Essence Magazine while promoting her album 4. Beyoncé is being rewarded for her piece Eat, Pray, Love and the warriors of black culture picked up their gun power and muskets and declared war on Beyoncé being honored. The majority of the comments  focused on Beyoncé’s hand written letter to Michelle Obama, the singer just thanked her for being a great role model but the sentence structure was not up to par and the comma splices were noticealbe . The letter was the equivalent of Carrie calling Miranda to brag, Natasha used their instead of there. From that moment everyone pulled out their education level to proclaim Beyonce is an idiot, tout education levels versus everyone else and the even though most articles were rife with grammatical errors themselves, the fact they could type something bad about Beyoncé seemed to make them happy. I am going to say this and be done with it, black women, black men, black people in general  need to get the FUCK over it. Beyoncé is a black woman, born to a black mother and father and she is not going anywhere. You cannot erase her, you cannot decided her level of blackness and you cannot dictate what is acceptable for her life. She left school to pursue her dream of being a grammy award winning singer and she has more than fullfilled her dreams. I am sick of the temper tantrums every single time she receives an award, or she leaves her house to go to her office or out to eat dinner. I also find it contradictary how black feminist are the biggest suppliers of the abuse she recives. Beyonce owns her own company, manages herself, has not been passed around the industry, has an all female band showcasing the talents of women but somehow that doesn’t matter. The other irony is that most that Beyonce seems to need a level of educatio despite her enormous success but you don’t hold her husband Jay-z to the same standards. Jay is amoung many males who have made his mark without and education. It That fact does not negate the many things he has accomplished and it doesn’t diminish what Beyonce has accmoplished either. If you find fault with the award then instead of dicecting Beyonce, her blonde hair, and her booty shaking moves just point your attention towards the organization. The  insecurities you show every time she is mentioned is beyond pathetic at this point and make you come off as the bitter bitches you claim is just a misrepresentation. Beyoncé fell down the steps the same way Natasha did and like Natasha she got back up and lived her life. After everything Carrie did Natasha went back to her plush life and Carrie still remained insecure and chasing after Big. If Beyoncé is not your cup of tea then , fine earth provides us with many flavors to choose from but  it is one thing to be critical of her art and something completely different to try to rip at the soul of another human being and that is where black media is with Beyoncé. From the skin lighting stories, the obsession with decision to wear blonde hair, and the stories of her faking a pregnancy you continue to take solace in trying to steal the joy of someone you do not know. I would like to open the floor to you guys what is the problem. Why does her existence hurt you so much, let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Niggas in Brooklyn?

 NY Post writer Phil Mushnick wrote a scathing piece about Jay-z  and  his involvement with the Brooklyn Nets. He feels Jay-z  designing the actual design for the new logo is outrageous considering the rappers lyrics about niggas, bitches and hoes. While I have no issue with a rapper being called out for the lyrics they write I am more surprised the writer is just now speaking out. Hello Mr . Mushnick where have you been for the last eight years? Jay-z has been with the Nets organization for at least 8 years and working on becoming the Brooklyn Nets for at least four. I would have more respect for you if you just came out and said what is really bothering you, and that is you realized Jay-z actually has say in the Nets organization. You were ok with Jay-z as long as he was the token black guy for the for the Russian billionaire to build the arena in Brooklyn with but now that he is stepping out of the shadows and his advice is being taken, well that is just too much. For the record I don’t agree with some of Jay’s lyrics either however, if you are going to point out how Jay is eating then I suggest you focus on men who still eat off the backs of slavery, apartheid, Jim Crow laws and other injustices that have plagued our world for centuries. Going after a man who used the trappings of his environment to get out and excel is just a waste of time and since your goal is to actually make a difference it’s always smart to start at the top, don’t you think? The Post removed the story and the writer is standing by what he wrote citing the ever popular reverse racism. Why can the black guy say nigga and I can’t you know the popular cop out.  What say you guys am I looking at this with rose-colored glasses or is this man just a prick let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Let it Go

Tyra Banks set out to show she was more than just a pretty face with big tats when she created America’s Next Top Model many years ago. She parlayed the success of the show into a successful talk show where she spoke on many issues of self-esteem. Tyra and her Bankable Productions were heading up the ranks and she was a force to be reckoned with . Tyra has canceled her talk show leaving us with Wendy Williams , and she went back to school but she always kept Top Model going. It looks as if the writing is on the wall for the show as sinking ratings have cause her to fire three of the mainstays Miss J, Jay Manuel and Nigel Barker. In reality the show had its time but it’s time to move on. I don’t remember any of the winners or losers and Covergirl has real spokesmodels now. The supermodel game isn’t what it used to be when you, Naomi, Linda Evanglista, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and the many others ruled the earth. The modeling game has changed so we are hoping you are eying your new hustle. Let us know what you think am I being unrealistic or am I right? Hit us up in the comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Sounds of Blackness

When Mary J Blige dropped the commercial for “Chrispy Chicken, lettuce, three cheeses” (the song is catchy as hell) most laughed and thought the commercial wasn’t up to the standard for a star like Mary but racist, no. Unfortunately the black elite don’t think the commerical is funny and tried to make a little more seriously than it was supposed to be. Black people eat chicken, White people eat chicken,Indian people eat chicken, Asian people eat chicken.  If you go to a restaurant no matter the ethnicity you can get chicken made to your liking. For the ones that are upset about the “message” it sends I encourage you to find a more meaningful way to channel your outrage. Black on Black violence, underfunded schools, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and the disrespect for Black life should keep you busy instead of Mary J’s Chrispy Chicken commercial . What say you am I overlooking the “bigger” picture or should they just have a V8. Let me know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Nancy Grace hangs up on Pastor Shirley Cesar

Talentless, sensationalist, and rude and three words that aptly describe Nancy Grace in her interview with Pastor Shirley Cesar following Whitney Houston’s death.  Grace, who has focused all her energy on discussing Whitney’s past drug use and implicating it in her death, that she refuses to pay tribute to the legend. In her interview with Shirley Cesar, Grace begins to bombard Pastor Shirley Cesar with questions about Whitney’s drug use, when Pastor Cesar refuses to answer the question but yet elegantly reminds Grace that we have all sinned, Nancy Grace rudely hangs up the phone on her in mid-sentence.  Listen to the full audio below.  We at mediamyxx hate say to Nancy Grace, shame on you, just because this isn’t a lost Caucasian female doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve respect.

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Everybody Hates Chris

When you show examples of how black celebrities are not given the same privileges of white celebrities you are accused of pulling the race card. Well I am not going to pull the race card I am going to give you examples you can look up and let you tell me what you think. Chris Brown hit Rihanna in 2009. Chris Brown plead guilty to the charges, he has done everything required by law he needs to do. On Sunday Chris Brown performed twice and won a Grammy and this outraged the mainstream press. Miranda Lambert, who stole another woman’s husband, said Chris Brown needed to be put in his place and Jack Osborne also publicly outcried over the win. Granted Jack Osborne’s father Ozzy Osborne is known to have choked his mother Sharon within an inch of her life it makes sense for him pass judgement on Chris. We all know about Charlie Sheen who didn’t have to wait to and go on an apology spree for getting arrested for attacking his now ex-wife with a knife. Charlie also in the past shot former girlfriend Kelly Preston but this didn’t stop CBS and Fox from working with him again and he doesn’t get an ounce of outrage. Stars lined up to support Roman Polanski who , wait for it, was convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl. Instead of doing his time and moving on he fled to Europe where he was lived and worked for over 30 years. Whoopi Goldberg even defended Polanski on The View because his victim doesn’t want him put in jail. Chris’s victim didn’t want him put in jail, she didn’t want to testify against him and she didn’t  want a restraining order. She has said time and time again is ok with him and wants contact with him but that is only a white privilege.  Sean Penn is well documented for having a horrible temper and beating up Madonna but he is a hell of an actor and that is what you judge him on. I do not condone what Chris Brown did but your going to have to get the fuck over it.  If you aren’t then your outrage needs to be spread about , that’s all. Tell me what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Eddie Long a King?

In a recent church sermon Eddie Long went from being a Bishop to a King. This is not a prank guest speaker Ralph Messer called the troubled man of God a King and preceded to conduct a mock ceremony of the title before the church. I will withhold judgment. Look at the video here: Kang Eddie  and please just give us your comments as I am clearly at a loss of words.

You Don’t Say?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about the media’s need to be the skin tone police when it comes to blacks. I wrote about the black and mainstream’s press obsession with Beyonce’s complexion. Well the Huffington Post had an article today that proved my very point, the faux outcries of “what about the children” are nothing more than using a famous celebrity to get more hits and press to their specific cause. Anthony Dickey wrote of his encounter with the press when he refused to give the press what they wanted ,please read  his story here: go back and read my article here: When you read these sites and writers extol their level of blackness over another remember it’s all about the hits at the end of the day let us know what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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