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Affirmation Action in Jeopardy

Affirmation action is under attack yet again by naysayers using a Duke University study showing blacks don’t do as well in science programs. For the record the study doesn’t mention affirmative action at all but that hasn’t stopped opponents of the  program to cry foul. For years students who don’t get into their school of choice have blamed affirmative action as the reason they were turned away and have fought vigorously to have program dismantled. The Supreme Court upheld Affirmative Action in 2003 but with the election of Barack Obama and conservatives determined to repeal the act we should be proactive and pay attention to who we vote for this year. On top of repealing affirmative action they also want to remove funding for black colleges. We have to be diligent this year with our precious vote. Read the excellent article here at and tell us what you think about this story in the comments or on twitter @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Hair again

 If you are a black woman and you have hair you have in your lifetime dealt with social issues regarding how you choose to wear your hair. Hair within the black community has become a constricting dividing force within our community for years and unfortunately seems to have no end in sight. Perming, coloring, or wearing your hair naturally all come with assumptions about who you are as a person versus just liking to wear your hair a certain way. did a wonder “round table” with Style Editor Genevna S Thomas and various style bloggers based in NYC. Watch the video link provided below and tell us what you think. Is hair as big a deal as we make it or is it time for black women to embrace our choice of the sense of style we choose to have. Let us know on twitter : @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Rosebarr Barr is an Idiot

When blues legend Etta James died last week after her long fight with leukemia Roseanne Barr used her twitter page to vent over Etta not singing for President Obama and blasted Beyonce for messing Etta over. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion it was not the place, time, nor business of Roseanne Barr. Of course Beyonce’s loyal stans rushed to her defense as Roseanne called them all kind of derogatory names. Of course the next day Roseanne issues an apology to the fans and to Beyonce praising her talent when she just said she couldn’t sing. Twitter is a wonderful social network which allows celebrities to speak directly to their fanbase but it comes a time when it’s too much. If Roseanne didn’t agree with the who the President wanted to sing she is well within her right but to use her death to rant about something so non important is just ridiculous. What do you think.

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A New Day

I freaking get it Jennifer Hudson, you belive in miracles and you and meeee. Never in my life has a commmerical made me want to pick up my TV and hoist that thing into creation like her Weight Watchers commercials.  What commercial annoy you and why? Leave your comments or tells us on twitter @mediamyxx or @akireshenri

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On January 24th of this year congress will begin to hear arguments  regarding two bills set to curb internet piracy. SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) . The act is being backed by major movie studios , and music labels to help curb piracy of their goods however  it is also threatening to censor the internet and that is a violation of our constitutional rights. SOPA for instance would allow the federal government to shut down entire domains if they conclude the site is being used for piracy and that is without trial or a hearing.  This bill is similar to what China and Middle Eastern countries have to monitor and control what the citizens are allowed to view on the web. Many of us have used the internet to become build our own personal brands and live the American Dream. Please tell congress NO to censorship on the internet and NO to SOPA  and PIPA!

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The Complexion Police

Three weeks into 2012 and thirsty black watch dogs have already found their Beyoncé race outrage to latch onto. This time the faux outrage stems from an unreleased picture from her latest album 4. Again there are claims her skin was digitally made lighter as she looks “pale” and gasp has blonde hair. Beyoncé colored her hair blonde in 1999 and since them black folk have lost their collective minds over it. I am always puzzled by the outrage as race related writers; blogs and apparently hair stylist run to the mainstream press to plug their respective business while questioning someone else’s level of blackness. In the new L’Oreal commercial the singer says her skin has a history and with a simple Google search you can see it from fresh out the womb. Beyoncé is a light skin black woman; she is lighter in the winter, darker in the summer and uses bronzer to give her skin her infamous Dangerously in Love golden glow. After 13 consecutive years of trying to find fault with Beyoncé on the matter of her complexion I am saying ENOUGH already. Contrary to what you are being told wearing blonde hair does not equate to wanting to be a white woman and more importantly no one has the right to pull your card for doing so. Etta James, Mary J Blige, T Boz, Keyshia Cole, Tiny and more recently Rihanna have used the lighter shade in their hair and have not had to deal with the constant backlash. There has to be another issue in black entertainment that you can latch onto for attention. I am in all truth surprised Beyoncé naming her daughter Blue is not more “proof” she “rejects” her black roots as she clearly could have named her baby Black or Brown. The pictures in question were taken last year and clearly are the same ones used last year when she promoted her album. Beyoncé is a black woman, married to a black man, she just gave birth to a black daughter, and she has a black mother, father, sister and family you can write article after article but her blackness is not up for debate period. Beyoncé sends a wonderful message to young black girls and that message is live your life to the fullest in the manner you please. She doesn’t respond to the nonsense nor does she attempt to prove “blackness” to her hecklers. In truth this is not about the message young girls get from her pictures, this is the typical black press doing w finding a popular person of color to extoll their agenda on. This is the same as Tavis Smiley using the president to fuel his agenda for his State of the “Black Union” or how we branded Whitney Houston as a “sell out” when she was on top for singing “white music” eventually booing her at the Soul Train Awards, or the infamous Michael Jackson smear campaign. It doesn’t stop there we have all seen Oprah, Tyler Perry, and Will Smith to name a few become entangled in some  criticism at the hands of the negro police that patrols the souls of the black rich and famous. At some point they didn’t hire enough blacks, didn’t wear their hair the standardized negro length or texture and when you step outside the guidelines it sends the ubiquitous “ bad message” to young people of color. Beyoncé is sending the best message of all to young black girls that you have the freedom express yourself however you see fit. No matter what anyone says about you, you do not have to fit into some mold of blackness. No matter the font or letter sizing you are a “real” black girl when you are born. If blonde hair makes you happy rock it, if you don’t feel like tanning and people call your pale that is their issue. Its is truly time to turn the page on this non issues and focus our talents on real issues facing the black youth and I can assure you it’s not the color of Beyonce’s hair or skin.  Let us know what you think do you agree with the color police?  Let us know by hitting us here or on twitter @mediamyxx .

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Happy Birthday Dr. King

As many across the US and the World reflect in honor of Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr we here at Mediamyxx would like to ask what do you think Dr. King would think about the state of the world today. While we don’t have white only restaurants, stores and dogs attacking  blacks when they fellowship racism is just as alive today as it was then. When I was in junior high a mentor of mine told me desegregation in schools was the worst thing to ever happen. When he was in school they didn’t have a portion of the books, computers , or technology but they had teachers that loved them, believed in them, disciplined them and more importantly taught the values it took to survive.  I thought of that statement again as I watched the Marva Collins story who took those same values to make sure children that were not being educated in overcrowded public schools found solace in her school no matter their economic background. We live in a state of denial where roses are red, violets are blue, and equality is a reality. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and women are all treated fairly and the dish ran away with the spoon. What Dr King saw on the mountain top visually has come to pass, but the mindset is pretty much the same. I am reminded of this as I watch the hilarious yet spot on “Shit white girls say to black girls”  video making the rounds on the internet and despite the progress we made we still do not  view each other on equal playing fields.  I related to so many of the quips particularly the , you are so smart and articulate  remark. As a grown woman I am still hit with that one when dealing with non blacks.  The new age bashing of Black women is our apparent inability to marry. Countless books, tv specials and male celebrity books all marketed to have black women lower our standards, self-esteem and play down your education and viola,  your frog prince is on the way.  Today is more than just a day off, it’s a day we can really take stock in where we want to go as the new century continues to progress. The world is becoming smaller, the long-term Super Powers are starting to lose their glare. It’s time to take the mountain top global and give Dr. King and Coretta the realization of his dream as he looks down from heaven.

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Black Exellence

On January 7th Blue Ivy Carter entered planet earth and since that date the internet has been turned on its axis. Her birth produced everything from ridiculous conspiracy theories tying her to the devil and a surrogate to outrage over her VIP treatment at Lennox Hill. Two parents went to the press to let the world know they were not able to see their children on the sixth floor because of Beyoncé’s security. The two outraged parents however didn’t think filing a complaint with the hospital or state would be needed and, to this day they have not file a formal complaint. The hospital confirms seven other families agreed they had no issues seeing their children and just noticed higher security on the floor . The State of New York dismissed any wrong doing on the hospital’s part as the complaints that were actually filed   were instigated by people not even at the hospital during the Carters stay but some outraged by the media reports. As the fifteen minutes of fame wears off for those parents, Lennox Hill also disputes the 1.3 million dollar price tag the tabloids gave the glorious event and gave it a measly eight hundred dollars per night.  It’s clear all the outrage over Baby Blue’s birth was for naught but it also got me to thinking so what if Jay-z spent 1.3 million dollars to bring HIS baby into the world? Who are you to tell a man who earned his money how he should spend it. What if he did decide to paint the sky blue for his daughter? In the nursery rhyme hush little baby the song focuses on what Papa’s going to buy his baby for their happiness and Jay-z seems to really take it to heart and despite the public deciding what would show more couth it’s ok that man has every right to spoil his princess in any way he sees fit. The media has gone to great lengths in the past year to put the spotlight on the relationships of black heavy weights from how they raise their children, to how they spend their money. Days after Blue Ivy’s birth Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski were asked by Matt Lauer if they were upset at the treatment Beyoncé and her baby received while at Lennox Hill. The two actresses revealed they got treatment like anyone else at the hospital, however if the truth is allowed in this scenario the rooms weren’t available at the time they gave birth. Even  Mayor Bloomberg wasn’t immune to the press and their thirst to paint the joyous event in a bad light as the mayor defended the hospital’s right to compete with the luxury room market. Blue Ivy’s birth is one of the most covered stories on the planet and it’s refreshing to see the world celebrating the birth of a black child. If you are tired of the coverage take a nap, but after years of having Suri and the Jolie-Pitts shoved down my throat I celebrate the Carters bringing their baby into the lap of luxury. The one percent vs the ninety-nine percent you are trying to paint in the media ends when a man wants to make sure his wife is comfortable while giving birth to his baby girl. I hope going forward Jay and Beyonce take a strong  stance when asked about this debacle and continues to nurture their “greatest creation” like the princess she is and who gone stop them?

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What would Jesus Do?

As the Republican debates and primaries go forward the candidates continues to promise supporters of the social programs they will cut all while proclaiming his good Christian values. It led me to ask what Jesus would do. Would he be a fiscal conservative or would he put the needs of the people first. Well let’s look in the bible and see what his actions tell us.  Jesus first miracle was turning water into wine when it ran short at a wedding. He clearly wasn’t again against libations as we are lead to believe. The most interesting miracles from Jesus show his stance on healthcare. In the bible Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and when an ailing woman touched the helm of his garment he healed her critical disease. Considering that most on the right consider “Obamacare” a mortal sin it’s interesting that Jesus didn’t feel the same way. This is the same man who took loaves and fishes and multiplied it so that ALL can eat and who’s only act of anger is occupying the temples when products were being sold in God’s house. If this is the Jesus passed down from generation to generation, from century to century then what exactly is the disconnect ? How is the Republican Party able to use the name of Jesus when they clearly don’t follow his basic teachings? If we follow the miracles and life of Jesus he didn’t care about big or small business, he cared about the people of God, giving them hope during Roman occupation and rule. In this country church and state is not one but many people of faith vote by their religious values and if you are one of the many voters that do are you truly following the teachings of Jesus or like so many fitting his teachings into a convenient box when it fits. You have every right to believe and vote according to your conscience but let’s stop using Jesus as political jargon and just stick to the issues at hand. What do you think about the right’s hijacking of the Christian faith?

Jesus doesn’t answer Tim Tebow on the mainline, Patriots win!

You would have had to be hiding under the rock of Gibraltar to not hear the Tim Tebow talk this past week. The Denver Broncos quarterback and proud disciple of Jesus got picked apart by pretty boy Tom Brady leading his New England Patriots to a route of the Denver Broncos. Tim Tebow has been the topic of discussion since he brought the Broncos back in the previous week against the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime. Tebow was a sensation besting Beyoncé’s twitter record and becoming an instant pop culture phenom. Praying got replaced with “Tebowing” and everyone from SNL to Jimmy Fallon had Tebow skits in their respective shows. Clearly Tom Brady didn’t appreciate not being the center of attention as he completely picked apart the young quarterback. Tom wasn’t in the mood to be Goliath to Tebow’s David as he threw five touchdowns in the first half alone. The final score was 45-10 and now the press can resume to their Brady love affair, the quarterback with the good looks, model wife and deadly arm. Tebow will go on to be a huge snag for evangelistic Christian groups to rally around not to mention the hordes of other companies looking for the evangelistic Christian dollar. Tebow may not have won the game on the field but he clearly won in field of public opinion and all eyes are on his footprints he makes on and off the field.

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