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A Bitch Named Karma

One of the more popular episodes of this year’s Basketball Wives, on VH1 was the altercation between star Jennifer Williams and Nia Crooks the assistant and friend of Evelyn Lozada. During the spat Nia slaps Jennifer across the face and the girls do a salsa dance before being pulled apart. After the altercation Jennifer filed criminal charges against Nia, and let the world know that Nia is worth anything. She can’t sue her for anything because she doesn’t have anything, then promply sues her. Jennifer has stayed on her soapbox all season long pretending to care about violence against women, being a role model or anything that makes the public feel sorry for her and give her a storyline for the season. Well Karma came for Jennifer , TMZ is reporting the white people called and they want their Bentley back. Jennifer is now facing a lawsuit for the remaining balance of the car and they also want possession of the car as the car hasn’t been paid on since 2009. I definitely will not laugh at someone’s misfortune but hopefully Jennifer will not take shots at people about them not having anything because Karma is a mean bitch and will put you on your ass if you are not careful. Read more about Jennifer’s repo situation here and let us know what you think in comments or @akireshenri @mediamyxx

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She Who Laughs Last..

During season 2 of Love and Hip Hop Chrissy Lampkin was painted as a bully who disliked woman who made their own money. Watching the first season I never got that from her, I got she was insecure with her relationship with Jim particularly the direction it was going but hating on another woman getting hers, nah. Chrissy maintained Mona Scott-Young set her up on several occasions to take her out of her character and seeing as how the original cast is dropping like flies I can’t say she is lying. Chrissy is getting the last laugh as she now has her own show with finance Jim Jones. Jim and the family Jones will take a look at Chrissy and Jim’s life as they move forward towards getting married and becoming a family unit. I am sure that Mama Jones will also be on hand to shake things up. I am happy for Chrissy she was my favorite along with Emily B and I hope this works out for her. While I will not take a shot at Mona for trying to get the ratings up it was more than clear she set those girls up this season and that was shady. The Atlanta girls are hood rats and don’t care either way but I am now curious if Love and Hip Hop can carry on and who will they bring on the show . Let me know what you think in comments or hit me up on twitter @akireshenri or @mediamyxx

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Tough Skin

Karen Gravano and Renee Graziano of Mob Wives are partnering up to sell a new skin care line . The pair who opened medi-spa Luminique. Adding to the skin care business they are now selling the products sold in the spa under the Luminique name. Karen is a esthetician and owned a spa back in Arizona so this just her returning to her roots. I am happy for Karen she has real goals, she wrote a best-selling book, has a spa and there is talk in turning her book into a movie. I am not mad at you girl. Good job Renee getting involved I must say I am interested in hearing more about the product. Read more about Karen’s spa here  Tell us what you think in comments or @akireshenri @mediamyxx


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Gold Star for Khloe

When you decide to put your family first and stop recording your reality TV show the best way to quietly step out of the spotlight is to do a cover for People Magazine announcing you are putting your family first. Khloe Kardashian Odom is putting the brakes on her spin-off show Khole and Lamar to focus on her marriage and be there for her “Lam Lam”. Lamar is focusing on making the Us Olympic team and getting his career back on track. The ballplayer seemed to fall in a deep depression when he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks, I guess this is rich people problems. Anyway look at the cover below and tell us what you think about Khole pulling the plug for Lamar in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Kelly Rowland X-out

After multiple rumors we can confirm Kelly Rowland will not be returning to the Uk’s X-factor. It’s not clear if the other judges will be back as well but Kelly is out. Kelly’s stint on the show is the new excuse her fans used for her underperforming album. This was Kelly’s first album that didn’t hit top 4 for her in the UK even though she was in their living rooms. Allegedly Kelly is huge in the UK but her numbers say otherwise. Kelly is currently working on her 3rd CD and co-starring on Lala’s show on Vh1. Tell us what you think about the departure in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri


Bully Factor

Shaunie O’neil has recently been trying to keep her name out of the drama surrounding the Evelyn and Jennifer mess and kinda said Evelyn and Tami were bullies. She tries to clean it up by implying some personalities are bigger and “stronger ” than others. I think Shaunie is funny because as a producer she gets a say in how her character is played out. I mean we all can’t forget her sicking the girls on Gloria? Watch the video below and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Covert Affair

Evelyn Lozada continues to get support for her makeup line having the line featured in an upcoming secret shoot with various reality ladies. Evelyn joins Chrissy Lampkin, Kandi and Talia Coles. The shoot is a secret at this time but they ladies looked lovely modeling the Evelyn Lozada makeup line, Evelyn is good at getting her product out there. Look at the pictures below and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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The Good Fight ?

Apparently black women are fed up and we are supposed to take a stand against Basketball Wives. The “images ” on the show are so harmful and so “violent” that we are supposed to sign this petition against the show and Evelyn’s spin-off to show them we are not going to take it anymore. For some odd reason the people behind the petition didn’t feel turning off the TV wasn’t an option. Let me say this I root for Evelyn and I feel she has done entirely too much this season, however it’s a reality TV show. This is entertainment, instead of boycotting Basketball Wives just put your support behind Lala, or Tia and Tamera? It’s a choice to watch it, you are not forced to partake of the “negativity” you are disputing. Basketball Wives is no more violent than Mob Wives or Bad Girls Club. Bad behavior on reality TV is NOT a black thing, everything is not freaking personal. I will not sign that stupid petition and I hope the petition gets the show more viewers as a result. What do you guys think about the petiton? Let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Full Circle

Bill Ranic and his wife E News host Giuliana Ranic announced after years of heartbreak they are finally expecting their first baby. The couple will welcome their baby via gestational carrier and the little tyke is due late summer. Anyone that has watched the show knows they have struggled for years to have a baby and finally their dream is coming true. From IVF failures to a miscarriage seeing that moment for the couple was just emotional and even more fitting as Guiliana is recovering from breast cancer. Watch below as the couple beams with joy discussing their pending parenthood. Congrats guys

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Random Style

For some odd reason the Style network thought a show with Julissa B, formerly of 106 and Park and Adrianne Bailion of The Cheetah Girls would make a good show. They live in New York, they are single, they are looking for love and they used to date bold face people is the show’s premise. I assume the difference is they are both latina ladies but this took me for a look. I assume this is the road Rosci will be on once 106 and Park is over but hey I digress.  Empire Girls will begin in June , look below at the picture provided by the Style Network to promote the show and let us know will you be watching their show? Hit us up in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri