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T and T times Two

Much can be said about reality TV, the majority of women watch it and spend the next day acting turned off by the drama. We don’t have the galls to say I love the drama and pettiness of it all. Fortunately we have other shows that are more down to earth and Tia and Tamera is that show for us. Watching everyone’s favorite twins grown with husbands as they strive to stay in step with each other, was a welcomed addition to the reality tv world . Tia and Tamera is the highest rated show in Style history and we can’t wait to see where the twin go next. We will see Tamera settle into her married life with Adam and Tia, Corey and baby Cree settle into being a family. I can’t wait to see this season starting in June to see where the twins are going this year. The Style Network sent out more pictures of the girls. They look great and Tia lost all her baby weight. Look at the pictures below and tell us will you be watching? Hit us up in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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All for One

While Jennifer is moving forward with her lawsuit against Nia Crooks the women of Basketball Wives are sticking together and includes possibly boycotting the reunion. Jennifer Williams held a press conference yesterday announcing her lawsuit against Jennifer. VH1 has remained quiet although reminding Jennifer and her team she signed a waiver to injury with them and would get no money from them. Read more on the possible boycott here: and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Love and Happiness

Royce Reed was very judgemental when it comes to the other cast members  lives.She spent the entire 3rd season calling castmate Evelyn Lozada a ho and her ho garden. The accusation is interesting because Royce is the only castmate to have a new man on the show each year. This year is no different as she introduced NFL football player into the fold. He is a lot younger than her but there she was again in her panties and pray giving him a dance. Now the couple is engaged, I am pretty sure she will try to get her own spin-off al la Evelyn. I like Royce this season she got her hair done and has been about her business but who is she trying to fool with this engagement. Congrats if you are happy and good luck with that, what say you ? Let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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After editing drama in the second season of Love and Hip Hop two of the show’s orginators Chrissy and Emily B are saying see ya. The girls are in talks to get their own spin-offs minus Mona Scott. Mona was very open about “following” the drama this year as they were big parts of the show going on but clearly took editing privlages and set alot of the drama up. Things came to a head when the girls wouldn’t sit down together for the reunion. Jim and Chrissy are already filming the spin off Jim and the Family Jones which includes 8 shows in 30 minute incriments. Emily B has Fab on board with her as well and while there is not confirmation for her show, Fab did talk about the made up beef indicating how Kimbella clearly was brought on the show with the purpose of underminding Emily. Good luck to the girls I can honestly say without Chrissy Lampkin I am not watching the  show. Read more on the spin off’s here :

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Grand Standing

Sigh I have been saying for months I am sick of the back and forth on reality TV against the Mob Wives, Basketball Wives etc. and it has finally come to a head. Jennifer Williams got slapped and is filing criminal and civil charges against Nia Crooks. Seeing the other fights on the various shows Jennifer is full of shit and she knows it and the people kissing her ass take name because they are a bunch of punks. I HATE for people to use the court system to work out personal issues it is bitchassness 101. With that said this season has been nothing more than fighting and I am over it. Hopefully this will be worked out of court, Jennifer will be removed from the show and the girls will keep it al the way cute. Read more about Jennifer’s charges here:

ps. Young girls bullshit lawsuits are NOT taking the high road


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Are You Happy Now

Jennifer Williams is trying to “keep it moving” as she famously says on the hit reality show Basketball Wives. When doing a radio interview she was asked about Evelyn’s more aggressive behavior this season, Jennifer says her former BFF is angry and questions if she is really happy. She said Evelyn needs to take off her Halloween mask. Well Jennifer doing radio interviews is what started the riff in the first place so listen to the interview below and tell us what you think? Do you agree with Jennifer or should she just focus on what she is doing and leave Eve’s name out of the equation, hit us up in comments of @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Pregnant Pause

Yandy Smith of Love and Hip Hop finally confirmed internet rumors that she was with child with a picture on instagram. Many assumed Yandy’s baby was Jim Jones because her feelings seemed more than “business” with him on the show she has confirmed she is pregnant by someone else. The rumor mill said her baby daddy’s name is Mandisa and he is on his way to jail for messing with a 15-year-old.  Hoping that isn’t true but best of luck to you Yandy on your bundle of joy. Look at the gorgeous picture of Yandy and her belly belong and let us know what do you think about Yandy’s baby? Hit us up in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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My Milkshake Brings All the Press to the Yard

Evelyn Lozada hit Hollywood last night premiering her new milkshake at Shakes a Million. Evelyn had the block hot taking pictures of her signature shake that will raise money for the American Cancer Society. Evelyn was also celebrating her makeup line being featured in Reality TV Weekly. Things are looking up for this New York Rican and we are happy she is using her fame and building a brand. Look below for the pictures of her working up her milkshake courtesy of and as always let us know what you think via comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Update: Here is a video of the event courtesy of Hollywood TV


The Big, Big Ang

Big Ang is getting her own spin-off from Vh1’s Mob Wives and I couldn’t be more excited. This season has been meh as the girls are so catty it’s not worth watching. The Drita, Karen, Ramona stuff is just tiresome and then here came Big Ang. She was loud, over the top, she loved to have fun and made us remember why we fell in love with the girls. If you follow Ang on twitter she has introduced us to members of her family including her son and niece. We love Big Ang here and wish her much success the girls should be ashamed a woman was able to come on YOUR show and beat you to the punch. Watch the interview with Mob Wives creator Jennifer Graziano below and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Tia and Tamera Season 2

Our favorite twins Tia and Tamara Mowry are brining their hit reality TV show back to Style Network this June. The show which is hold the record for viewers on Style Network returns this June. The show has done wonders for the twins who are becoming best know for Sister, Sister reruns as their careers are making a return. The pair started their own production company Twilight Productions which produces the show and Lifetime movie Double Wedding . Back in demand the duo were recently signed to United Artist so I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of them. Tia landed the lead role as Melanie Barnett-Davis in BET’s The Game and has a role in an upcoming musical with Tori Spelling on ABC Family channel coming soon. Tamara worked on a short-lived sitcom on ABC family but we have faith she will get back in the running for a hit show soon. Will you be watching the second season of Tia and Tamara

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