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Festive Hackney

The UK has the best festivals and this weekend was no different at BBC Hackney went on without a hitch. I didn’t watch much but I will highlight what caught my attention this weekend. Jay-z had an amazing show minus bringing Rihanna out. He did a lot of classics that really had me going especially Where I’m From. He is really great in a festival setting. Of course the highlight was his gorgeous wife looking adorable as she got in the mosh pit to Niggas in Paris. She goes full-out for Jay at every show. Rita Ora also ran her own set and looked like a seasoned vet as she effortlessly transitioned from song to song. I have also founded my new crush Delilah this weekend singing the amazing GO. Ahh the US has got to learn how to handle music festivals this way it could really be amazing . Look below for videos of my highlights and tell us what you think  about Hackney in comments or @akrieshenri @mediamyxx


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You Ain’t About This Life

I have waited all day to post on the Chris Brown, Drake and Meek Mill altercation. I have waded through the various reports and gotten the gist of the argument. Let me run it down Chris Brown , Drake and Meek Mill were all partying at the NYC club  WIP. Drake came in after Chris and according to people in Drake’s VIP section of the club he didn’t appreciate the way Brown was behaving. He spent and hour upset at how Brown conducted himself and spent about an hour telling everyone his dislike of the singer. As he got more heated he got people in his section hyped up the point they began to throw stuff his way. Once things got hot Drake apparently broke out but the aftermath left the club in ruin and Chris Brown, Karreche and 5 others being treated at local hospitals. Meek Mill took to twitter to plead his case of not being involved and reports confirm Meek was just there in Drake’s section. So what was the root cause? Rihanna , it is no secret that Drake is more than a little in love with Rihanna. It is also no secret the Bajan only uses Drake for hot collaborations and to make her ex mad from time to time. Sigh dumb move Drake people really got hurt all because your feeling got hurt. Read more  about the altercation from Kid Fury as he has an inside source that was in the club here and watch the video of Charlamange the God calling Drake out on his fradulent behavior below. Drake you ain’t about this life. You need to extend your tour because you are about to have to pay out. Let us know what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Only Death Can Keep Her From It?

A lot can be said about Rihanna but you cannot say she is not persistent. Despite getting beat up, dogged out, and called out by ex Chris Brown she is still there willing to give him the best that she’s got. For two weeks Rihanna has been the subject of  whore activity by Chris Brown, Drake and Meek Mills. All claiming Rihanna to be their “hoe” of choice. Rihanna of course tried to take ownership by saying it’s “her choice” but in the end she looks like she is passing the kitty out like candy and to scrubs no doubt. Well now Rihanna is back in NYC following Chris Brown around from club to club. This after he singer canceled UK work due to being “sick” and needing to spend time with her family. The singer was spotted not only with Chris at the 40/40 club but with her family as well so I guess this is a family affair.  I try to understand why she continues to take risks with her career for Chris. If she bathed she clearly might be able to get anyone but she seems stuck on the times she had with Chris but what I do know is that her inability to let go is finally starting to catch up to her as her causal fans have had enough. By all accounts Chris is her first love, and it’s clear he cares about her too but he seems to be ready to move on and Rihanna seems stuck in 2008 when they were a beautiful couple, touring together and getting matching tats. As Rihanna continues to spiral out of control rumors are surfacing Jay-z wants her to go to rehab but it’s clear she won’t go no, no.  Read more of this story here and tell us what you think about Rihanna and her obsession with Chris Brown in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Rihanna Double Talks That Talk

When Rihanna collaborated with Chris Brown for two remixes the Barbados born pop tart stuck her middle finger up at all her supporters that wanted to see her get the win. She bravely cursed out her teenage fans who didn’t agree with her decision and played the role of bad ass girl being a rebel in the music industry. Just like most girls who run their mouth though Rihanna doesn’t seem to appreciate when asked further to explain her position. When Rihanna shot for Esquire UK shortly after her stupid decision she was on twitter making fun of Chris Brown’s girlfriend Karreche and making racial slurs against her but when asked by the reporter why she make the dumb decision she get snappy and thinks those are dumb questions. Like always Rihanna was supposed to be handled with light gloves and allow her slutty pictures to do the talking but the interviewer didn’t let up and Rihanna the cool girl who “reads” em with ease was left looked pressed and unprepared. The singer needs to get prepared as the media is starting to make her answer for her dumb decisions and while a nasty attitude may impress the teens in her fanbase the older crowd isn’t buying her faux tough girl act. Look at the pictures below and tell us what you think in comments or @akireshenri @mediamyxx

Photos: Courtesy of Esquire UK


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The Unprofessional

Rihanna ‘s performance on SNL was lackluster and while that is normal this time the media didn’t seem to give her the unusual benefit of the doubt. In an unusual show of honesty slammed the lifeless performance (which is normal) but they rated her  somewhere between Lana Del Rey’s narcoleptic gyrations and Ashlee Simpson’s infamous JigGate of 2004. Ouch that was rather brutal also chiming in was TMZ who reported Rihanna angered the SNL staff by not showing up to final rehearsals claiming to be sick even though she was out partying the entire week. Rihanna’s team swears she was sick and kept her from wasting her voice. If you have followed Rihanna you would know that Rihanna gets sick around scheduled performances a lot, last year she famously caught the flu right before a charity resulting in Donald Trump calling out the Bajan as she was well enough to party that evening taking shots with Jay-z and perform the next day for the NBA All -Star game. Rihanna also canceled a performance for the EIF cancer foundation for being “sick” but was able to make it to the Roc Nation brunch. This isn’t new to Rihanna and her team either she was citing as sick during her GGGB tour in Europe for venues she didn’t sale out but was able to attend a Prince concert .  We will see if Rihanna gets it together or continues to spiral out of control, so let us know what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Tardy to the Party:Tip Drill

While Rihanna may be crying ill for her awful performance on SNL, Rihanna clearly had no issue posting pictures on Instagram. She posted her earrings and bragged about being in fittings and she infamously played with strippers at Meek Mills birthday party. Rihanna tweeted about “Navi shit” and “Role Model” shit while making it rain on ratchet Players Clubesque strippers. Look at the pictures below and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri


Find Something Nice to Say Challenge

Rihanna gave her 3rd performance on SNL, as usual it was lifeless, off-key and poorly executed. I am so underwhelmed by her , her supporter may think I am a hater instead of just being honest so I will write  about what was good. The stage was nicely decorated, I liked her black thigh high boots. I also thought her hair looked the best it ever has since she decided to go back to black. The men beating the drums were cute, her band plays well together. Watch the performances over at Miss Info here: tell us what nice things you found in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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E for Effort

I know when it comes to Rihanna standards hit an all-time low. When you voice the unpopular opinion you are said to be a “hater” , “pressed” or my favorite “invested”. So I will say no evil, see no evil and hear no evil, I will not comment on the video or the “attempt” at dancing. I will not ask why you would need special effects during a dance scene but I will give you link to do as you will. Let me know what YOU think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Lies People Tell

One of my favorite songs is Sheryl Crow Don’t Leave, in the song she croons “lie to me, I promise I’ll believe”. Why does that theory not work with me where Rihanna is concerned. I was sent footage of Rihanna singing We Found Love stripped down and it was supposed to prove to me Rihanna could sing. I am sorry member of Rihanna Navy, it did not and more so it reaffirmed the fact she is vocally retarded. I will not go any deeper than that, I refuse to dumb down my musically intelligence and give her credit for talent. I will however Rihanna  has a nice look for a pop brand and that is all the credit she will get from me. Watch the performance below and leave comments below or @mediamyxx @akireshenri



Give a Little, Get A LOT

I have never seen a pop star do so little and get so much credit as Rihanna. She doesn’t sing on key but gets credit for singing live, she can’t dance but get credit for trying?! Sigh I wish bill collectors gave me that kind of credit, but I digress the “singer” is putting out pictures and videos of her “dancing” for her new video Where Have You Been. Rihanna who spent her weekend posing for pictures smoking weed (because real niggas smoke weed and shit) at Coachella performed with Calvin Harris at his set and is trying to build excitement over the songs release. Look at the pictures and video of her rehearsing for the video and her performance at Coachella along with those pictures. Let us know what you think in comments of @mediamyxx @akireshenri




















At Coachella


















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