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R.I.P. Donna Summer

Last week the world lost another icon as disco queen Donna Summer died as a result of lung cancer. The shocking news took the industry by storm as no one but her immediate family even knew she was dealing the deadly disease. Many celebrities have publicly honored the icon and the Billboard Awards this previous Sunday attempted to pay homage to her but didn’t have the proper talent to do so. It seems like we are continuing to lose our greats. We are Mediamyxx would like to send our condolences to her family and friends. She will be missed.


RIP Junior Seau

The death of Junior Seau is not only a tragedy but is becoming a mystery as well. While the football great took his own life, a dirty secret of the NFL is starting to emerge one that reveals two other football players have lost their lives in the same manner wanting an answer about their condition. Another conundrum about his death is Seau makes the 8th player from the 1994 San Diego Charges football team. With players shooting themselves in the chest wanting their brains examined the medical community is stepping up to the challenge to find out what is happening to the football greats. We at Mediamyxx would like to send our condolences to the Seau family especially his grieving mother that I am sure all of us cried along with her. Read more about the bizarre behavior here:

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RIP Dick

Radio host and television pioneer Dick Clark has died. Clark died of a massive heart attack. He was 82-years-old. The legend has been in poor health for years as suffered a debilitating stroke. Dick Clark also ran Dick Clark Productions that puts on the Golden Globes and The Rockin New Years Countdown every year. Read more about his death here:

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R.I.P Mike Wallace

Veteran journalist Mike Wallace who came to personify the hard nose questions while as 60 Minutes has passed today. Though he interviewed the top-tier of the world’s leader and those who had fame he never backed down from a hard question. R.I.P Mike I know it must have been hard for him to see the state of journalism today. Read more about his passing here: and again we send out our condolences.

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Mama’s Song

As we told you yesterday Cissy Houston would be speaking to a local New Jersey station about the death of her beloved daughter. In the interview Cissy showed her spunk and is back at the church of Whitney’s funeral singing again. She scoffed at the media taking accusations and running with them and expressed to the gossips it would unwise to say that mess to her face. Watch the video below and as always we send our condolences Cissy.

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Mama Speaks

Cissy Houston is speaking out for the first time since her daughters untimely death and the somber looking Cissy is letting the world know she did the best she could. As reports have confirmed Whitney was on drugs at the time of her death contributing to her demise. One thing Mama wanted to clear up is that her baby was NOT broke at her death and she is very proud of her . Read more about her upcoming interview here:,,20569493_20583368,00.html and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Bobby Releases Statement about his Early Departure

Bobby Brown came to Whitney’s homecoming today with his family. He was asked to move three times and wasn’t able to be near Bobby Kristina so he left. The media is trying to make that the focus but we will not. Here is Bobby’s statement and that is  all the  focus on this tiff we will allow on this site to make sure the focus remains on Whitney as it SHOULD remain. Read Bobby’s statement here:,,20569493_20571941,00.html

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Whitney Goes Home

Today media from around the world streamed Whitney Houston’s home going service and the 4 hour service . The service was just everything. I was a celebration sending Whitney home to Jesus and was the highlight of my day. I won’t go over every performance , just the specific ones that touched me personally. I loved The Winans they just completely turned a sad situation into a church service. The singing , the preaching , and most importantly the message. Priorities that is a word missing from this generation and Pastor Marvin did a good job relaying that message. When  Cece sang Don’t Cry for Me and then went into Yes Jesus Loves Me I lost it. Then to top if off the family singing Tomorrow it was great for the world to see how African-Americans celebrate the life of someone instead of focusing on the bad. Kevin Costner also had a moving section on how he waited for her to do The Bodyguard so touching. Let us know what moment touched you and give us your feedback in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Nancy Grace hangs up on Pastor Shirley Cesar

Talentless, sensationalist, and rude and three words that aptly describe Nancy Grace in her interview with Pastor Shirley Cesar following Whitney Houston’s death.  Grace, who has focused all her energy on discussing Whitney’s past drug use and implicating it in her death, that she refuses to pay tribute to the legend. In her interview with Shirley Cesar, Grace begins to bombard Pastor Shirley Cesar with questions about Whitney’s drug use, when Pastor Cesar refuses to answer the question but yet elegantly reminds Grace that we have all sinned, Nancy Grace rudely hangs up the phone on her in mid-sentence.  Listen to the full audio below.  We at mediamyxx hate say to Nancy Grace, shame on you, just because this isn’t a lost Caucasian female doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve respect.

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Bobbi Kristina had a breakdown

After dealing with the untimely death of her mother 18 -year-old Bobbi Kristina was rushed to the hospital with panic attack type symptoms. Apparently she had a nervous breakdown from the stress related to her mothers death. Bobby Brown, her father, got on a plane and is now with his daughter as she tries to put the pieces together from her huge loss. We here at Mediamyxx are praying for you Bobbi Kris and you have our condolences. In more news Tyler Perry sent his private jet to escort Whitney’s body back to her home state of New Jersey as arrangements are being finalized.Read more about Bobbi’s breakdown here:,,20569493_20569936,00.html

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