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Facebook buys Instagram

Earlier this week we told you about the I-phone snobbery involving Instagram when Android users were able to have the Polaroid based app for their phones this week. Well Instagram has 99 problems but a billion ain’t one as Facebook purchased the photo app to stay ahead of the curb. Facebook didn’t want to end up like MySpace as Twitter has been expanding. Read more about the Facebook takeover here: tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Tardy for the Party: Instagram gets Slutty

I have an Android phone, being that I worked in telecommunications I know that one Droid are better for the most part than an Iphone. Iphone just has bigger and better connections. I don’t care one way or another  to be quite honest but apparently it was a big deal. I signed up for Instagram the other day not realizing that when they said it was coming to Android soon , they meant it. However using Google to search for information only led me to Iphone users complaining about having to share the feature with the Android bunch. Um Ok if you feel superior to someone based off of a phone you are a failure at life but hey who am I to judge.  Apparently Iphone users want a committment to be the only one when it comes to apps.Read more of the complaints here: tell me what you think about uproar in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Can you hear me Now?

Despite getting the I-phone Verizon took a 2 billion dollar loss last quarter to roll the envied phone out. Apple sells the phone at retail price of 600 dollars and turns around and sells it for 200 dollars. Verizon expects the risk to pay off in the long run as customers stay loyal and pay higher bills to have the coveted phone revenue should jump. Do you think this was a smart investment for Verizon and will pay off in the long run? Read the rest of the story here:


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RIM Ceo’s step down

In a move surprising to no one RIM Ceo’s Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis are stepping down. The company who produces Blackberry has had a hard time keeping with the technology and applications based phones as Apple and Android operating systems continue to dominate the market. The company has no intention of selling at this time despite the change at the top .  As a faithful Blackberry user I hope the company can make a turn around I miss my Blackberry it is my favorite phone. Read more on the company’s  struggle to compete here:,0,5512027.story

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