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North Korea can’t Keep It Up

Since the death of Kim Jong-Il the world has waited on bated breath to see what if the new administration would be more open to the policies of the world or would they continue to be as isolated as ever. Kim Jong Un is trying to live up to his Father’s high expectations and become one of the axisof evil, however  they proved only to be the laughing-stock. North Korea launched a rocket this weekend and it only lasted 81 seconds and disintegrated. The country humiliated themselves in the free world. After the launch the US cut food aid to the country and the international community is condemning the act. Read more on North Korea’s failed launch here: and as always tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Facebook buys Instagram

Earlier this week we told you about the I-phone snobbery involving Instagram when Android users were able to have the Polaroid based app for their phones this week. Well Instagram has 99 problems but a billion ain’t one as Facebook purchased the photo app to stay ahead of the curb. Facebook didn’t want to end up like MySpace as Twitter has been expanding. Read more about the Facebook takeover here: tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Grace Under Fire

While Toure and Piers Morgan compared sizes on CNN , Tracy Martin and Trayvon’s mother Sybrina Fulton appeared on Fox News to face Geraldo Rivera. Rivera loudly accused Trayvon’s parents of contributing to his murder by allowing him to wear a hoodie. Rivera apologized to the parents and they accepted on air. Trayvon’s Dad went on to let people know Trayvon had a hoodie on because it was raining and reinforced this was noted in the infamous 911 call Zimmerman made. The imminent arrest of Zimmerman falls on new evidence that the voice screaming in the 911 call was not Zimmerman but victim Trayvon. This account backs up the story the two witness have told in various reports that the screaming stopped when the gun fired. Florida is under more pressure to arrest Zimmerman as former President Bill Clinton and former Governor Jeb Bush both are blasting the case and calling for Zimmerman’s arrest. Slowly but surely justice is coming for Trayvon.

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An Unfinished Life

As then country is enthralled with the tragic death of Trayvon Martin another one is going unnoticed. The murder of 32-year-old Shaima Alawadi, an Iraqi born mother of 5. Alawadi was born in Iraq and came to the US after Iraq failed to overthrow Saddam Hussien during the first Gulf War. She lived in Michigan before she moved to California before meeting her demise . Alawadi was bludgeoned and left with a note informing her to go back to her country terrorist. Alawadi was laid to rest in her native Iraq as her family is asking the government for answers. This isn’t a good look for the US as the world is still reeling from the Afganistan massacre by an US Solider. Read more about the tragic murder here:

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Unecessary Roughness

When Piers Morgan had Robert Zimmerman, Jr on his show many were critical on how Piers not being a journalist began to shine through. He didn’t ask the tough questions and it seemed more like a Fox News right-wing conversation a la Sara Palin then trying to find out how a teenage boy was murdered walking home. No one was louder than Pop Culture critic Toure and he and Piers had a spat back and forth on twitter. After taunting Piers convinced Toure to come on his show and the two acted liked to spoiled children arguing back and forth about their credentials and hurt feeling and none about the death of child. Journalism as we know it is dead, it’s unfortunate (I think about this a lot) but let’s stay focused at the task at hand. This isn’t about Toure or Piers it’s about a Florida family who will never see their child again and a man who still has not been arrested for murdering their child. Watch the pissing match below and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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As the Stanford Police Department and Zimmerman supporters set out to ruin the character of a 17-year-old boy who was murdered, ABC News obtained a video of the night Zimmerman was briefly detained after murdering Trayvon Martin that blows the “self-defense” case out of the water. In the video George Zimmerman appears to be unharmed , his bald head shows no signs of bruises or bandages even though by his account his head was slammed against the concrete. Also Zimmerman does not appear to have a broken nose nor does his clothes appear to have any grass stains on them despite the fact that he was rolling in the grass with Martin. This comes on the heels that lead detective Chris Serino wanted to charge Zimmerman with Manslaughter however his efforts were shot down by the state attorney. Read more about the case here: and continue to demand justice for Trayvon.


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Scorched Earth

Instead of admitting shotty police work the Sanford Police Department is trying to give you the reason they didn’t arrest a murderer. According to Zimmerman’s account even though he got out of his car and approached the teen, after being instructed not to by the police, he was attacked , his nose was broken and his head was slammed against the pavement justifying him to “defend ” himself by shooting a teenage boy in the chest and taking his life. Trayvon was walking home, you approached him but YOU are the victim. The police also took into account that Trayvon was suspended from school  so of course once again his life should have been taken from him. It is even more infuriating as they try to defend taking a child’s life,like it’s worth nothing because of shotty laws and even more shotty police work. Read more about the situation here: and please get involved to make sure justice is served for Trayvon


Boyz in the Hood

Yesterday NYC participated in the Million Hoodie March, to raise awareness murdered teenager Trayvon Martin. The crowd was joined by Travyon’s parents who urged for calm but also for justice. Participants wore hoodies similar to the one Trayvon was in before he was murdered and the piece of clothing that deemed him “suspicious”. While many want to pretend this crime isn’t “race related” even though his murder and the handling of his murder say otherwise I want to focus on this fact this was a child going home to his father’s home murdered 70-ft from it . I look at my nephew in his hoodie and cringe that could have been my baby, look at the pictures below of the people who came out to show support for Trayvon and please lend your name to


Justice for Trayvon

With the Sanford Police Department unwillingness or inability to understand the difference between murder and self-defense the Department of Justice and FBI is now investigating the murder of teenager Trayvon Martin. Gov. Scott also asked local law enforcement to provide any assistance needed to help. It would seem that would have been the case from the beginning but apparently not. Now we have more information that blows the already obvious case wide open. Trayvon was on the phone with his 16-year-old girlfriend and she confirms Trayvon was being harassed by Zimmerman. Read more about the sad story here: and continue to demand justice for Trayvon Martin.


In Florida They Kill Black People

Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old black teenager walking home from the store who was murdered by neighborhood watch captain for “looking suspicious”. In looking like a criminal he had on a hood and was black, the murder was not arrested because he is claiming self-defense. The teenager armed with skittles and a soda obviously had intent to harm this man. My heart is just so heavy over this and it makes not sense to argue or point out the obvious black life is never taken with the same seriousness as out counterparts. It’s an outrage but even feeling that way I know with certainty this child will not be the last person of color murdered without cause nor will it be the last time the police act puzzled by the outrage. The child was black and had on a hood and that should suffice as the answer to why his promising life was taken. Read more about Trayvon here:
http://articles.orla…dispatcher-shot and look to as I will be writing  a more in-depth piece on this horrific occurence.