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Eddie Long a King?

In a recent church sermon Eddie Long went from being a Bishop to a King. This is not a prank guest speaker Ralph Messer called the troubled man of God a King and preceded to conduct a mock ceremony of the title before the church. I will withhold judgment. Look at the video here: Kang Eddie  and please just give us your comments as I am clearly at a loss of words.

No Infant should have all that Power

Blue Ivy continues to take over hollywood as the barely one month old infant makes power celebrity list. No I am not kidding the one month old is the most powerful baby in hollywood due to her famous parents. Read the list here : and tell us what you think about in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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NY Courts put the smack down on Blue Ivy Clothing line

Since the birth of Blue Ivy Carter the world has gone out-of-the-way to make money off the infant, from assigning photo hogs to capture her picture, to other celebs moms giving unneeded advice to the new mom (Syleena Johnson giving Beyonce advice on how to lose weight, really?). Blue is a hot commodity so much so the fashion industry is trying to get in on the action. Joseph Mbeh tried to start a clothing line called Blue Ivy Carter, NYC unfortunately for him no one was buying he started it before the Carters and the courts shot down his request. Another bottom feeder is trying to get in on the action saying they were using Blue Ivy Carter IV Glory since 2011 on skin creams. Sigh, read the courts decision here : and tell us what you think in comments and @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Student saves 2 teachers from trying to kill each other?

What has the educational system become when the teachers are now attacking each other.  Think this story is fiction, think again! Two teachers from Poughkeepsie High School got into a brutal fight that left one teacher brutally injured.  The kicker is that the fight was broken up by a student.  Read the full story at the link below.