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Act like a Movie Goer?

As the weekend finally approaches I see many tweets about going to support Act like a Lady, Think like a Man , the movie version of Steve Harvey’s best-selling self-help book. Why I have no desire to read or support the book I feel the need to support the movie due to Rainforest Films being behind it. I am also frightened that this mean Tyrese’s book will get a movie as well. As you see this process has made me a tortured soul, so what do you think are you going to see the movie? Have you seen the movie, and if you have is it any good? Let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

 Update: Apparently the movie is set to debut at number one finally knocking off Hunger Games

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Books a Million

Steve Harvey’s Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man is hitting the big screen and I want to know are you going to see it. While the movie looks ok and typical I love to support Black movies that don’t turn my stomach, however the men telling black women how to date is old, played out, and clearly doesn’t work. Well tell me what you think watch the trailer below and tell me will you be watching? I also added the single video of the song by the same name just because I like the song and J Hud looks amazing in the video.

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