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Katy Perry shares her new Dream

Sigh in one of the most desperate and pathetic moves made by a record company Capitol and Katy Perry are re-releasing Teenage Dream and have released the artwork for the new fete. The rumor mill is her new single with Rihanna will be performed at the Grammy’s and that will give her the tie breaking single. Good luck Katy and Capitol I hope you will have some integrity with your next CD here is the cover courtesy of Capitol Records and Grapejuice.net below. Tell us what you think

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Letoya Luckett makes 3rd CD

Letoya Luckett gears up to make her 3rd CD and she filmed and produced webisodes to promote the venture. I am not sure if she is still on Capitol Records I do know I can’t wait to hear what she is bringing to the table as both of her CD’s knock  and she is my second favorite from DC. Watch Letoya in the studio and promoting a new movie she has coming out in Vegas here:

Letoya Luckett

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