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You Ain’t About This Life

I have waited all day to post on the Chris Brown, Drake and Meek Mill altercation. I have waded through the various reports and gotten the gist of the argument. Let me run it down Chris Brown , Drake and Meek Mill were all partying at the NYC club  WIP. Drake came in after Chris and according to people in Drake’s VIP section of the club he didn’t appreciate the way Brown was behaving. He spent and hour upset at how Brown conducted himself and spent about an hour telling everyone his dislike of the singer. As he got more heated he got people in his section hyped up the point they began to throw stuff his way. Once things got hot Drake apparently broke out but the aftermath left the club in ruin and Chris Brown, Karreche and 5 others being treated at local hospitals. Meek Mill took to twitter to plead his case of not being involved and reports confirm Meek was just there in Drake’s section. So what was the root cause? Rihanna , it is no secret that Drake is more than a little in love with Rihanna. It is also no secret the Bajan only uses Drake for hot collaborations and to make her ex mad from time to time. Sigh dumb move Drake people really got hurt all because your feeling got hurt. Read more  about the altercation from Kid Fury as he has an inside source that was in the club here and watch the video of Charlamange the God calling Drake out on his fradulent behavior below. Drake you ain’t about this life. You need to extend your tour because you are about to have to pay out. Let us know what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Only Death Can Keep Her From It?

A lot can be said about Rihanna but you cannot say she is not persistent. Despite getting beat up, dogged out, and called out by ex Chris Brown she is still there willing to give him the best that she’s got. For two weeks Rihanna has been the subject of  whore activity by Chris Brown, Drake and Meek Mills. All claiming Rihanna to be their “hoe” of choice. Rihanna of course tried to take ownership by saying it’s “her choice” but in the end she looks like she is passing the kitty out like candy and to scrubs no doubt. Well now Rihanna is back in NYC following Chris Brown around from club to club. This after he singer canceled UK work due to being “sick” and needing to spend time with her family. The singer was spotted not only with Chris at the 40/40 club but with her family as well so I guess this is a family affair.  I try to understand why she continues to take risks with her career for Chris. If she bathed she clearly might be able to get anyone but she seems stuck on the times she had with Chris but what I do know is that her inability to let go is finally starting to catch up to her as her causal fans have had enough. By all accounts Chris is her first love, and it’s clear he cares about her too but he seems to be ready to move on and Rihanna seems stuck in 2008 when they were a beautiful couple, touring together and getting matching tats. As Rihanna continues to spiral out of control rumors are surfacing Jay-z wants her to go to rehab but it’s clear she won’t go no, no.  Read more of this story here and tell us what you think about Rihanna and her obsession with Chris Brown in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Rihanna Double Talks That Talk

When Rihanna collaborated with Chris Brown for two remixes the Barbados born pop tart stuck her middle finger up at all her supporters that wanted to see her get the win. She bravely cursed out her teenage fans who didn’t agree with her decision and played the role of bad ass girl being a rebel in the music industry. Just like most girls who run their mouth though Rihanna doesn’t seem to appreciate when asked further to explain her position. When Rihanna shot for Esquire UK shortly after her stupid decision she was on twitter making fun of Chris Brown’s girlfriend Karreche and making racial slurs against her but when asked by the reporter why she make the dumb decision she get snappy and thinks those are dumb questions. Like always Rihanna was supposed to be handled with light gloves and allow her slutty pictures to do the talking but the interviewer didn’t let up and Rihanna the cool girl who “reads” em with ease was left looked pressed and unprepared. The singer needs to get prepared as the media is starting to make her answer for her dumb decisions and while a nasty attitude may impress the teens in her fanbase the older crowd isn’t buying her faux tough girl act. Look at the pictures below and tell us what you think in comments or @akireshenri @mediamyxx

Photos: Courtesy of Esquire UK


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Chris Brown: Till I Die

Chris Brown has dropped  new music the past week and most have been slow songs for his Team Breezy the surprising part is it wasn’t autotuned. Well now Chris dropped a banger with Big Sean and Wiz Khalifia and I see this killing Urban radio. The song has Chris still rapping but the the song flows well. Chris has laid pretty low since his Miami run in and kept it strictly about his music. Listen to the song below and tell us what you think about it in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Shut Up and Drive

Karreche Tran has been back and forth in drama since Chris Brown worked with Rihanna . From threatening tweets from the “Navy” to the assumption she would be laid to the side for the Bajan singer , Karreche remained faithful and true to Chris during the mess. Well Chris repaid her with an awesome new expensive gift a new car. Karreeche tweeted the silver/grey 2012 Porshe and she titled the picture “Just me and my bitch” indeed. Look at the picture below and tell us what you think of Karreche’s new car in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Reversal of Fortune?

When Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna in 2009 the media has used all kinds of terminology to describe the singer. Rihanna was the victim you aren’t supposed to question and Chris became this monster. Every move they make was a “teachable moment”. Charlie Sheen and countless other’s have had public domestic spats with their significant others but Chris Brown was to be the public face of violence. I say that because Hugh Hefner’s son plead  “No Contest” in a domestic violence case with ex- Playmate,Claire Sinclair. Claire’s bruised pictures can be seen on TMZ but there is no outrage, no anger, no backlash just business as usual in the Playboy enterprises. Read more about the incident here :http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/marston-hefner-hugh-hefner-son-pleads-contest-roughing-playboy-playmate-girlfriend-claire-sinclair-article-1.1047860 and as always let us know your thoughts in commments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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State of PR

When you begin to get bad press for doing silly things stars try to show a different side of themselves by posing with fans , doing charity work or all of the above. Rihanna is no different, as she is being called to task for her racial slurs against Karreche Tran and her breast barring outfit she wore to dinner , Rihanna is posting more family friendly pictures via instagram to say I’m just like you. The Bajan posted pictures of going to the grocery store, cooking dinner for her grandmothers birthday party and according the NY Post was on her best behavior at dinner in NYC on Wed even going out the side door so no pictures of her would be taken. Of course later that night Rihanna was back to her sheer shirts partying in the club but her areolas were covered. Sigh this girl is a hot mess and I see right through her but I love my granny too so kudos to her for at least making her feel special. Look below at the pictures and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri  (Photos: courtesy of  twitter and mirroruk)

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Nicki Minaj Unleashes Album Tracks

Well Nicki Minaj puts out the track listing for her upcoming album and the features just got me interested. Nicki has songs coming out with obviously Lil Wanye, Young Jeezy, Nas and Chris Brown to name a few. The regular album has 19 songs and the Deluxe Edition has 22 . We have the track listing below tell us what you think about the upcoming album as Nicki looks to have her second number one album in a row. Hit us up in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

1. Roman Holiday
2. Come On A Cone
3. I Am Your Leader Feat. Cam’ron & Rick Ross
4. Beez In The Trap Feat. 2 Chainz
5. HOV Lane
6. Roman Reloaded Feat. Lil Wayne
7. Champion Feat. NAS, Drake & Young Jeezy
8. Right By My Side Feat. Chris Brown
9. Sex In the Lounge Feat. Lil Wayne & Bobby V
10. Starships
11. Pound The Alarm
12. Whip It
13. Automatic
14. Beautiful Sinner
15. Marilyn Monroe
16. Young Forever
17. Fire Burns
18. Gun Shot Feat. Beenie Man
19. Stupid Hoe

Deluxe Edition

20. Turn Me On
21. Va Va Voom
22. Masquerade

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Say a Prayer for a Hopeless Place

Rihanna’s longtime pastor says he and others are praying for her to get her act together. He goes on to say her behavior is not good for girls who look up to her and discourages her having any contact with former boyfriend Chris Brown. Many chalk Rihanna’s slutty behavior as her just “being young” many don’t understand when real young women exhibit this behavior there are repercussions to it. Read more about Rihanna’s pastors prayers here:http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/pastor-prays-for-sm-singer/story-fn6e1m7z-1226297681043 you know the routine what say you ,let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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USS Dummies

Rihanna has fixated her recent tweets to taking shots at Chris Brown’s girlfriend Karreche Tran. The singer even posted a racial picture of rice cakes clearly poking fun of Tran’s Asian roots. Well now Rihanna’s “Navy” are harrassing Karreche trying to be down. Tran now fears for her life and doesn’t leave the house without Chris’s security. Rihanna’s tweets towards Karreche are silly and pathetic I hope all involved grow up. Chris and Karreche seem to be serious as they live together and Chris provides for her and Rihanna makes a nice living once Roc Nation, Def Jam and SRP Records get their cut. Read more about her idiotic fans rants here :http://www.tmz.com/2012/03/13/chris-brown-girlfriend-karrueche-tran-rihanna-navy/#.T1_pNPW8iNN and tells us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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