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Grace Under Fire

While Toure and Piers Morgan compared sizes on CNN , Tracy Martin and Trayvon’s mother Sybrina Fulton appeared on Fox News to face Geraldo Rivera. Rivera loudly accused Trayvon’s parents of contributing to his murder by allowing him to wear a hoodie. Rivera apologized to the parents and they accepted on air. Trayvon’s Dad went on to let people know Trayvon had a hoodie on because it was raining and reinforced this was noted in the infamous 911 call Zimmerman made. The imminent arrest of Zimmerman falls on new evidence that the voice screaming in the 911 call was not Zimmerman but victim Trayvon. This account backs up the story the two witness have told in various reports that the screaming stopped when the gun fired. Florida is under more pressure to arrest Zimmerman as former President Bill Clinton and former Governor Jeb Bush both are blasting the case and calling for Zimmerman’s arrest. Slowly but surely justice is coming for Trayvon.

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Unecessary Roughness

When Piers Morgan had Robert Zimmerman, Jr on his show many were critical on how Piers not being a journalist began to shine through. He didn’t ask the tough questions and it seemed more like a Fox News right-wing conversation a la Sara Palin then trying to find out how a teenage boy was murdered walking home. No one was louder than Pop Culture critic Toure and he and Piers had a spat back and forth on twitter. After taunting Piers convinced Toure to come on his show and the two acted liked to spoiled children arguing back and forth about their credentials and hurt feeling and none about the death of child. Journalism as we know it is dead, it’s unfortunate (I think about this a lot) but let’s stay focused at the task at hand. This isn’t about Toure or Piers it’s about a Florida family who will never see their child again and a man who still has not been arrested for murdering their child. Watch the pissing match below and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Mitt Romney doesn’t care about poor people

As Mitt Romney appears to be shaping up to be the Republican nominee he wants to you to know he doesn’t care about poor people. In his stomps he consistently says  he doesn’t worry about poor people well because they have a “crutch”.  I am not sure what crutch poor people have but he clearly could not explain it when Soledad O’Brien of CNN asked him flat-out about this crutch. We live in a world were we should have no delusions about our government, The Democrats have too many social programs, and the Republicans want to reward the rich and pretend they are going to “trickle” it down to us all instead of shipping the jobs to 3rd world countries and pocketing the trickle to themselves. We all know the Republicans have made no qualms they don’t want you to have insurance, they don’t care if you have a job , and they think the despite the growing population heading into poverty levels Mitt thinks you have a crutch . Well November will be here before you know it so just remember to show up to the polls and vote. Read about Mitt’s poor man’s push here :http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/02/opinion/collins-mitt-speaks-oh-no.html and tell us what you think about Mitt’s snafu in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri


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Newt Gingrich calls former wife “Trash”

Yesterday we informed you Newt Gingrich’s former wife conducted an interview where she claimed  Gingrich asked for an open marriage. Gingrich fired back against the claim called them and his ex-wife “trash” he then berated CNN for bringing them to the debate. Read the rest of the article here:http://tv.yahoo.com/news/newt-gingrich-calls-ex-wifes-claims-trash-rips-030311836.html and tell us what you think. Is Gingrich right to be upset or is it different dishing judgement then taking it in matter like this:

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RIP Etta James

Chess Records legend has died according to CNN breaking news reporter Mark Bixler . According to Mr. Bixler the news was confirmed to the CNN news room by Ms. James longtime manager and friend confirmed to CNN. The Rock and Roll Hall of  Fame inductee brought is best known her her soulful pipes and struggle with addiction. James, born Jamesetta Hawkins, is responsible for classic songs At Last, All I Could Do is Cry, and Sunday Kinda of Love. The singer’s work with the classic Chess Records is documented in Cadillac Records. Please join us here at Mediamyxx in offering condolences to the legendary singer’s family and friends. You are with God “AT LAST”  RIP.

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