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Notion of Stardom

Rita Ora continues the enormous buzz surrounding her debut album. This time Rita covers Notion Magazine with her cool style and edge we all love. Rita has a huge week coming up as she opens for Drake today in Liverpool then heads back to the US for her three dates in NY, LA and now Las Vegas. Rita also has her opening gigs for DJ Fresh , Coldplay and now she has dates on upcoming festival dates. Rita will hit T4 on the Beach and will perform at Wireless Festival during the Saturday date. Rita has spent additional time introducing herself to the radio brass as she has interviewed with BBC and Kiss promoting R.I.P. and her upcoming tour dates. We will continue to document the rise of this superstar here at Mediamyxx and wish congrats on her upcoming success. Watch the interview with Kiss below , as well as pictures of her leaving BBC and her fab shoot for Notion Magazine. Again let us know what you think of the shots in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

Photos: Courtsey of Notion Magazing and Rita-Ora.com




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Princess of China, by way of Japan???

Rihanna Fenty alegedly had a better education than those here in the US. When Rihanna was called a Niggerbitch by a Dutch magazine and she responded on twitter most touted how intellegent she sounded defending herself against the racist suggestion. That makes this all the more puzzling if the education is so much better than, then why is she calling her new attire “Gangsta Geisha” for her look in the boring Princess of China duet with Coldplay? Wouldn’t her superior education enlighten her that Geisha’s are a JAPANESE history moment and not Chinese? Look at pictures below and laugh at the internet gangsta in all her overexposed glory. If you going to pay homage please know what you are paying homage to. Let us know what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Rita Ora opens for Coldplay













The news keeps getting better for pop’s newest star as Rita Ora will open select dates for Coldplay on their European Tour this summer.While her dates have not been mapped out as of yet the superstar continue to add live dates to her act. She has a solo date at a Jazz club this week, she opens for DJ Fresh in May and now has the Coldplay dates. I am assuming she will also do some dates on her mentor Jay-z’s Watch the Throne European Tour as well. Rita’s singles will be released in May and the videos are coming soon. Read more about Rita’s dates here:www.coldplay….tail.php?id=921 and tell us what you think about the new gig in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri   (Thanks to RitaOra Nation for the info)

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Grammy’s 2012


Stop the track let me state facts, last night the  Grammy’s were horrible if this is the best we have in music we are in trouble. Outside of Adle’s smoking rendition of Rolling in the Deep and Jennifer Hudson’s amazing tribute to Whitney and Bruno Mars(who knew) the show was horrible and showed how non talent is the new black. Chris Brown lip synching at the Grammy’s and winning best R&B album, Rihanna still having a horrible voice but she gave an effort so I am supposed to overlook it, Chris Martin sounding like an  animal mating (it is weird Gwenyth did better), Alicia Keys having nerve to attempt Sunday Kind of Love. I just can’t and won’t at the complete tomfoolery that was Nicki Minaj. Congrats to Adle you deserved every single win as did the Foo Fighters, shout out to Dave for not letting the Grammys mess up what he had to say. Hit me up and tell me what you thought about last night’s show in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri (photo courtesy of grammys.com)

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