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On January 24th of this year congress will begin to hear arguments  regarding two bills set to curb internet piracy. SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) . The act is being backed by major movie studios , and music labels to help curb piracy of their goods however  it is also threatening to censor the internet and that is a violation of our constitutional rights. SOPA for instance would allow the federal government to shut down entire domains if they conclude the site is being used for piracy and that is without trial or a hearing.  This bill is similar to what China and Middle Eastern countries have to monitor and control what the citizens are allowed to view on the web. Many of us have used the internet to become build our own personal brands and live the American Dream. Please tell congress NO to censorship on the internet and NO to SOPA  and PIPA!

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Payroll Tax still unresolved

Ever since the Republicans won the House of Representatives their goal for their term is to fight President Obama on everything and lower taxes for rich people. This time its the Payroll Tax they are stalling on. Read the specfics here:


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