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The Unprofessional

Rihanna ‘s performance on SNL was lackluster and while that is normal this time the media didn’t seem to give her the unusual benefit of the doubt. In an unusual show of honesty EW.com slammed the lifeless performance (which is normal) but they rated her  somewhere between Lana Del Rey’s narcoleptic gyrations and Ashlee Simpson’s infamous JigGate of 2004. Ouch that was rather brutal also chiming in was TMZ who reported Rihanna angered the SNL staff by not showing up to final rehearsals claiming to be sick even though she was out partying the entire week. Rihanna’s team swears she was sick and kept her from wasting her voice. If you have followed Rihanna you would know that Rihanna gets sick around scheduled performances a lot, last year she famously caught the flu right before a charity resulting in Donald Trump calling out the Bajan as she was well enough to party that evening taking shots with Jay-z and perform the next day for the NBA All -Star game. Rihanna also canceled a performance for the EIF cancer foundation for being “sick” but was able to make it to the Roc Nation brunch. This isn’t new to Rihanna and her team either she was citing as sick during her GGGB tour in Europe for venues she didn’t sale out but was able to attend a Prince concert .  We will see if Rihanna gets it together or continues to spiral out of control, so let us know what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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