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Party People

The staff at E News threw a party congratulating her on the big new she shared last week. As we found out she and hubby Bill are expecting a baby via gestational carrier and the world is elated. It’s been a long road for the couple and their baby struggles were documented on their show Giuliana and Bill. Look at the pictures below and send congrats to the couple I love to see people in love move forward to start a family.  The pictures were taken courtsey of Giuliana’s assistant Sarah and loaded on instagram. Let us know what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Full Circle

Bill Ranic and his wife E News host Giuliana Ranic announced after years of heartbreak they are finally expecting their first baby. The couple will welcome their baby via gestational carrier and the little tyke is due late summer. Anyone that has watched the show knows they have struggled for years to have a baby and finally their dream is coming true. From IVF failures to a miscarriage seeing that moment for the couple was just emotional and even more fitting as Guiliana is recovering from breast cancer. Watch below as the couple beams with joy discussing their pending parenthood. Congrats guys

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