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The Natasha Complex

On the second season of Sex and the City, Carrie famously had a Natasha Complex that ended with Natasha falling down a flight of stairs and breaking her tooth and Carrie breaking Aiden’s heart. Through the season Carrie bought shoes, laughed at grammatical errors, and snuck around with Natasha’s husband behind her back to hide the fact she didn’t feel she measured up to her. Carrie saw herself as the strong curly-haired girl who was too complex and complicated to be tied down vs Natasha the simple girl with straight hair who lacked to her in every way but beneath the facade she envied her effortless life. Beyoncé is that woman for the black community it seems, her entire existence is treated like an act of terrorism. If Beyoncé is honored with People Magazine’s most beautiful a magazine that comes out annually then we have to have discuss beauty in the black community, colorism and the very foundation of what is considered beautiful. When you question the reason you are immediately deemed a stan or making excuses for her “light-skin” privilege and reminded Beyoncé doesn’t represent true black beauty. Well before these women could recover from such a blow to the attack on the foundation of beauty, Beyoncé struck again this time getting awarded for a piece she wrote for Essence Magazine while promoting her album 4. Beyoncé is being rewarded for her piece Eat, Pray, Love and the warriors of black culture picked up their gun power and muskets and declared war on Beyoncé being honored. The majority of the comments  focused on Beyoncé’s hand written letter to Michelle Obama, the singer just thanked her for being a great role model but the sentence structure was not up to par and the comma splices were noticealbe . The letter was the equivalent of Carrie calling Miranda to brag, Natasha used their instead of there. From that moment everyone pulled out their education level to proclaim Beyonce is an idiot, tout education levels versus everyone else and the even though most articles were rife with grammatical errors themselves, the fact they could type something bad about Beyoncé seemed to make them happy. I am going to say this and be done with it, black women, black men, black people in general  need to get the FUCK over it. Beyoncé is a black woman, born to a black mother and father and she is not going anywhere. You cannot erase her, you cannot decided her level of blackness and you cannot dictate what is acceptable for her life. She left school to pursue her dream of being a grammy award winning singer and she has more than fullfilled her dreams. I am sick of the temper tantrums every single time she receives an award, or she leaves her house to go to her office or out to eat dinner. I also find it contradictary how black feminist are the biggest suppliers of the abuse she recives. Beyonce owns her own company, manages herself, has not been passed around the industry, has an all female band showcasing the talents of women but somehow that doesn’t matter. The other irony is that most that Beyonce seems to need a level of educatio despite her enormous success but you don’t hold her husband Jay-z to the same standards. Jay is amoung many males who have made his mark without and education. It That fact does not negate the many things he has accomplished and it doesn’t diminish what Beyonce has accmoplished either. If you find fault with the award then instead of dicecting Beyonce, her blonde hair, and her booty shaking moves just point your attention towards the organization. The  insecurities you show every time she is mentioned is beyond pathetic at this point and make you come off as the bitter bitches you claim is just a misrepresentation. Beyoncé fell down the steps the same way Natasha did and like Natasha she got back up and lived her life. After everything Carrie did Natasha went back to her plush life and Carrie still remained insecure and chasing after Big. If Beyoncé is not your cup of tea then , fine earth provides us with many flavors to choose from but  it is one thing to be critical of her art and something completely different to try to rip at the soul of another human being and that is where black media is with Beyoncé. From the skin lighting stories, the obsession with decision to wear blonde hair, and the stories of her faking a pregnancy you continue to take solace in trying to steal the joy of someone you do not know. I would like to open the floor to you guys what is the problem. Why does her existence hurt you so much, let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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The Writings on the Wall

Beyoncé has done it again, she has offset the balance of black women who think too highly of themselves. The previous week Beyoncé was named People Magazine’s most beautiful and some how the ideal of beauty needed to be re-examined as this cover would send young black girls careening into low self-esteem for centuries to come. Well now something even worse has happen, she won a journalism award. Quick black women hide your children, your husbands Beyoncé won an award for her Essence Magazine piece she wrote last year. Of course twitter was ablaze, Beyoncé had a ghost writer, journalism as it once was is over and Beyoncé has a blonde weave. Why throw the blonde weave in , it doesn’t fit but was mentioned time and time again in most rebuttals of the award. Beyoncé put a video up thanking the New York  Chapter of the National Black Journalist and black women will live their lives in peace this week unless Beyoncé wins something else. Read about Beyoncé’s award here:http://www.buzzfeed.com/hillaryreinsberg/beyonce-has-won-a-journalism-award and tell us what you think. I for one would like to say congrats to Beyoncé, continue to keep them mad.

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