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Party People

The staff at E News threw a party congratulating her on the big new she shared last week. As we found out she and hubby Bill are expecting a baby via gestational carrier and the world is elated. It’s been a long road for the couple and their baby struggles were documented on their show Giuliana and Bill. Look at the pictures below and send congrats to the couple I love to see people in love move forward to start a family.  The pictures were taken courtsey of Giuliana’s assistant Sarah and loaded on instagram. Let us know what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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For Better or Worse









Tuesday night was the premiere of Guiliana and Bill and I was in tears the entire time. I normally don’t watch the show because G is annoying and I feel she has nerve trying to tell anyone else how to dress. I caught the marathon and I was hooked. Bill is my favorite he is a great, practical man who loves her to death. Her struggle to have a baby is remarkable, esp because she eats well, takes care of herself all the things you are told to do. The season premiere was about her battle with breast cancer and I absolutely love the road she took. She showed the shock, being terrified, her struggle to come forward and the aftermath of coming forward. Bill was there every step of the way reliving the painful way he lost his father to cancer it definitely was a shocker to him. Nothing was fake or scripted like most reality TV shows. Her Mama Anna and Bill were feeling her pain, G your husband is a keeper don’t ever lose him trying to be famous out here in these fake industry. Did anyone else watch the show? The new show comes on tonight will you watch? Let us know in comments o @mediamyxx @akireshenri


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