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We just had this conversation this weekend and I was working on a blog of  my own to sum up my feelings on this very subject. It started with realizing that Kanye West is now the man he used to make fun of and how whitewashed Roc Nation seems to be. Remember when Jay-z did huge events with Mary J singing or Jaguar Wright and now you got Rihanna bellowing like a goat. What happen to real girls like Tootie? Anyway this is a great read and kudos to the writer excellent work and a dope ass analogy.

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Festive Hackney

The UK has the best festivals and this weekend was no different at BBC Hackney went on without a hitch. I didn’t watch much but I will highlight what caught my attention this weekend. Jay-z had an amazing show minus bringing Rihanna out. He did a lot of classics that really had me going especially Where I’m From. He is really great in a festival setting. Of course the highlight was his gorgeous wife looking adorable as she got in the mosh pit to Niggas in Paris. She goes full-out for Jay at every show. Rita Ora also ran her own set and looked like a seasoned vet as she effortlessly transitioned from song to song. I have also founded my new crush Delilah this weekend singing the amazing GO. Ahh the US has got to learn how to handle music festivals this way it could really be amazing . Look below for videos of my highlights and tell us what you think  about Hackney in comments or @akrieshenri @mediamyxx


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Made Man

Jay-z  finally answers the call in my head to have a Hip Hop artist start a festival. For years the major festivals that hip hop and R&B stars have broken into are rock-based festivals. Well Jay-z partnered with Budweiser to begin the Made in America festival starting in September. The hip hop legend announced the festival right before he headed off the Europe for the Watch the Throne tour. The festival will take place over the two-day Labor Day holiday and 29 artist will take the stage , with Jay-z, Odd Future, Santigold, and Pearl Jam will headline. Rita Ora will also be featured during the event that will also serve to raise money for the Penn-Jersey area of the United Way. Read more about the festival here and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri



Niggas in Brooklyn?

 NY Post writer Phil Mushnick wrote a scathing piece about Jay-z  and  his involvement with the Brooklyn Nets. He feels Jay-z  designing the actual design for the new logo is outrageous considering the rappers lyrics about niggas, bitches and hoes. While I have no issue with a rapper being called out for the lyrics they write I am more surprised the writer is just now speaking out. Hello Mr . Mushnick where have you been for the last eight years? Jay-z has been with the Nets organization for at least 8 years and working on becoming the Brooklyn Nets for at least four. I would have more respect for you if you just came out and said what is really bothering you, and that is you realized Jay-z actually has say in the Nets organization. You were ok with Jay-z as long as he was the token black guy for the for the Russian billionaire to build the arena in Brooklyn with but now that he is stepping out of the shadows and his advice is being taken, well that is just too much. For the record I don’t agree with some of Jay’s lyrics either however, if you are going to point out how Jay is eating then I suggest you focus on men who still eat off the backs of slavery, apartheid, Jim Crow laws and other injustices that have plagued our world for centuries. Going after a man who used the trappings of his environment to get out and excel is just a waste of time and since your goal is to actually make a difference it’s always smart to start at the top, don’t you think? The Post removed the story and the writer is standing by what he wrote citing the ever popular reverse racism. Why can the black guy say nigga and I can’t you know the popular cop out.  What say you guys am I looking at this with rose-colored glasses or is this man just a prick let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Check the Rhyme

Kanye West had the internet buzzing last week when he dropped his new single Theraflu last week.The lyrics hinted at his “love” for Kim Kardashian and he took shots at Kris Humphries saying he’s lucky he didn’t have Jay drop him from the Nets. Kim proudly tweeted about song and like the leech she is soaked up all the attention for it. Well the Nets actual owner spoke to the Ny Daily News and let Kanye know that the organization has Kris Humphries back in the epic drama between Kim and Kris and that Jay couldn’t get Kris dropped anyway. The paper then embarrassingly exploited what Nets owner Prokhorov investment over Jay’s, ouch. In even more embarrassing news,Theraflu didn’t appreciate the shout out from Ye prompting him the change the song’s name this week to Way too Cold. Read more of the owner’s response here:http://www.nydailyne…8#ixzz1s6q0hkg4  and tell us what you think about Kanye , Kris and the Nets in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Say Her Name

Rita Ora was tapped to perform at the after party for Cartier Juste un Clou. Rita performed with Beyoncé and Jay-z watching from above as she continues her push for the US Market. Rita hit the red carpet in a ravishing black, backless dress wearing Cartier jewelry and then hit the stage in a graffiti dress with knee-high boots. Rita gave an amazing rendition of Say My Name by Destiny’s Child and had party goes tweeting about how much she “rocked”. Rita was then gifted parting gifts from Cartier as she happily tweeted about her experience.  Rita wasted no time keeping the moment going spending the next day interviewing with Billboard editor Erika Rodriguez about her new album. Other surprises were Shand Ross, who is a model and close friend to Beyoncé camp ,saying the features on Rita’s album that is she is not allowed to talk about will make the world gag. We have heard one is J. Cole but Shand was replying to her possibly working with Beyoncé, so we definitely are on the look out. See the pictures below of Rita on the red carpet courtesy of fashionbombdaily.com, and her interview with billboard via instagram and her performance of say my name. We also have the pictures she tweeted of her lovely gifts from the iconic jewelry brand. Tell us what you think of her look and performance in comments of @mediamyxx @akireshenri
















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New Yooooooorrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkk!

When reports came out in December that Rocawear was laying off many feared it was the end of the stories hip hop clothing brand. Long time haters like blogger Sandra Rose relished in seeing his and Beyoncé careers fall apart. Rocawear responded with they were restructuring the line and focusing more on Europe which has done wonders for wife Beyoncé’s House of Dereon brand. Well he that laughs last laughs the hardest and Sandra I am sure Jay is having a hearty chuckle off of you. After releasing Rocawear’s commercial during the NCAA championship game but they announced and exclusive deal with the Yankees. That’s right Rocawear will be partnering with the storied baseball program to make apparel and advertisement throughout the stadium. Congrats to Jay and the Rocawear team and my condolences to the folks hoping for a long fall. Read more about deal here:http://www.billboard.biz/bbbiz/industry/branding/jay-z-s-rocawear-teams-up-with-the-new-york-1006745752.story and  tell us what you think about the partnership in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri


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Hov Lane

Rita Ora is out letting the world know why she was signed to Roc Nation under Jay-z. Rita is letting the world know Hov believes in her talent and thinks she will be as big as Rihanna. While the singer is building up for her debut album she is also letting her supporters and haters know that HOV has her back. in her dazed magazine she talks about tearing up after her radio station appearance with Jay back in February. Rita says that when she begin to cry Jay-z assured her that her career was happening and they were going to make it happen together.  Rita talks of her rags to riches story where she went from selling sneakers to being given the shoes now for free. Rita also spoke to The Guardian where she spoke with confidence about Jay feeling she is going to be just as big as Rihanna. She isn’t  trying to be Rihanna but she is taking advantage of their similarities. Both come from small towns, signed to Jay-z and are living their dreams. The girl is on fire right now as she is clearly the break out star of 2012. Rita has been in the states since this weekend and has worked non stop. So far the Brit has logged interviews with BET, MTV, VH1, Fuse, and she hit up Seventeen Magazine. She also hit up Pandora Radio and Vevo US for some live singing. Read more about Rita here:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2128571/Rita-Ora-rides-rollercoaster-solo-happy-Brooklyn.html and here:http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2012/apr/12/rita-ora-jay-z?newsfeed=true and tell us what you think about her rags to riches story in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Life is But a Beach Chair

Aww it must be nice, Beyoncé spent the last week frolicking around St. Barts in the $960 Etro shirts she made a beach wrap celebrating 4 years of bliss with her and her hubby. The couple brought along family members for the festivities as Cousin Angie , Mama Tina, Sister Mickey and the nephews were seen in various pictures. The couple is rumored to have renewed their committment to each other. Beyoncé also released a hand written letter to the first lady of the United States yesterday on her website. I love that she hand writes her stuff verses being bound to 140 characters of twitter.  In the letter she wrote about her love and admiration of Michelle Obama and how happy she is her daughter was born in a world where she existed. Of course the twitter grammar police came out and tried to write tickets but the “wasp” were paid no mind. Back to the St Barts trip the fashion blogs are a buzz with the delicious looks we got from the trip and I am posting my favorite courtesy of the wonderful Fashion Bomb. If you like the look please go to fashionbombdaily.com to see the other wears the diva wore while vacationing. Tell us what you think about the look and the letter in comment or @mediamyxx @akireshenri



























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Jay and Beyonce celebrate 4 years of marriage today. I am sure this year is special because not only is it their lucky number 4 but they have their precious baby Blue Ivy to add to the mix this year. Happy Anniversary Beyonce and Jay I hope you have a great day filled with love. Leave congrats to the couple in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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