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A Bitch Named Karma

One of the more popular episodes of this year’s Basketball Wives, on VH1 was the altercation between star Jennifer Williams and Nia Crooks the assistant and friend of Evelyn Lozada. During the spat Nia slaps Jennifer across the face and the girls do a salsa dance before being pulled apart. After the altercation Jennifer filed criminal charges against Nia, and let the world know that Nia is worth anything. She can’t sue her for anything because she doesn’t have anything, then promply sues her. Jennifer has stayed on her soapbox all season long pretending to care about violence against women, being a role model or anything that makes the public feel sorry for her and give her a storyline for the season. Well Karma came for Jennifer , TMZ is reporting the white people called and they want their Bentley back. Jennifer is now facing a lawsuit for the remaining balance of the car and they also want possession of the car as the car hasn’t been paid on since 2009. I definitely will not laugh at someone’s misfortune but hopefully Jennifer will not take shots at people about them not having anything because Karma is a mean bitch and will put you on your ass if you are not careful. Read more about Jennifer’s repo situation here and let us know what you think in comments or @akireshenri @mediamyxx

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All for One

While Jennifer is moving forward with her lawsuit against Nia Crooks the women of Basketball Wives are sticking together and includes possibly boycotting the reunion. Jennifer Williams held a press conference yesterday announcing her lawsuit against Jennifer. VH1 has remained quiet although reminding Jennifer and her team she signed a waiver to injury with them and would get no money from them. Read more on the possible boycott here:http://www.tmz.com/2012/04/19/basketball-wives-jennifer-lawrence-lawsuit-boycott-reunion-show/ and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Grand Standing

Sigh I have been saying for months I am sick of the back and forth on reality TV against the Mob Wives, Basketball Wives etc. and it has finally come to a head. Jennifer Williams got slapped and is filing criminal and civil charges against Nia Crooks. Seeing the other fights on the various shows Jennifer is full of shit and she knows it and the people kissing her ass take name because they are a bunch of punks. I HATE for people to use the court system to work out personal issues it is bitchassness 101. With that said this season has been nothing more than fighting and I am over it. Hopefully this will be worked out of court, Jennifer will be removed from the show and the girls will keep it al the way cute. Read more about Jennifer’s charges here:http://blog.vh1.com/2012-04-18/jennifer-williams-files-lawsuit-against-nia-crooks-nia-says-she-regrets-the-slap/

ps. Young girls bullshit lawsuits are NOT taking the high road


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Are You Happy Now

Jennifer Williams is trying to “keep it moving” as she famously says on the hit reality show Basketball Wives. When doing a radio interview she was asked about Evelyn’s more aggressive behavior this season, Jennifer says her former BFF is angry and questions if she is really happy. She said Evelyn needs to take off her Halloween mask. Well Jennifer doing radio interviews is what started the riff in the first place so listen to the interview below and tell us what you think? Do you agree with Jennifer or should she just focus on what she is doing and leave Eve’s name out of the equation, hit us up in comments of @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Basketball Wives Trailer

The new season of Basketball Wives is upon us and VH1 has released a trailer to get you ready for the season. We have it here for you  along with a picture of the cast all courtesey of Vh1:Basketball Wives Trailer

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