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Tough Skin

Karen Gravano and Renee Graziano of Mob Wives are partnering up to sell a new skin care line . The pair who opened medi-spa Luminique. Adding to the skin care business they are now selling the products sold in the spa under the Luminique name. Karen is a esthetician and owned a spa back in Arizona so this just her returning to her roots. I am happy for Karen she has real goals, she wrote a best-selling book, has a spa and there is talk in turning her book into a movie. I am not mad at you girl. Good job Renee getting involved I must say I am interested in hearing more about the product. Read more about Karen’s spa here  Tell us what you think in comments or @akireshenri @mediamyxx


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MOB Daughter hits stores




Karen Gravano finally released her long-awaited book Mob Daughter on Valentines Day. The reality TV star focused on writing her book in the first season of VH1’s hit show Mob Wives. I have not read the book yet but I will read it let you know if it’s worth the purchase. What do you think about Karen’s book? Let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri  (Photo courtesy of http://mobwives.blogspot.com/2012/01/mob-wives-karen-gravanos-website.html)

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