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Not Like the Movies

While watching videos on Vevo I kept seeing the advertisement for a Katy Perry trailer. I brushed it off because Smurfs came out last year but boy was I wrong, they actually made a Justin Bieberesque movie of her Teenage Dream era. Her story from Christian musician to quirky off-key pop star is set to hit theaters this summer. I have to say I am quite shocked but hey stranger things have happened I guess. Watch the trailer below and let us know do you plan on watching the movie? Hit us up in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Rock Star 101

While Rihanna beleives in her Bajan heart the life she lives is that of a Rock Star, Gene Simmons and Tommy Lee are letting her know she ain’t about that life. Gene Simmons reveals her performances come from a hopeless place saying “We’re sick and tired of girls getting up there with dancers and karaoke tapes in back of them,” Simmons said, according to Billboard. “No karaoke singers allowed. No fake bullsh-t. Leave that to Rihanna-Schimianna and everybody else whose name ends with an ‘A.’ Wow Tommy Lee started off trying to give Rihanna some propts but turned around and compared her to a step above an American Idol performance saying No disrespect to Rihanna, she’s a great singer, but we’re in a slump for some sh-t that has some personality and appeal beyond a bunch of pop stuff that’s floating around out there,” he said. “I’m glad he said that actually because I don’t think I can bear watching another f—king award show that is just a little better than ‘American Idol.’ It’s f—king pathetic to watch people go out and f—king karaoke with a bunch of lights and video. It’s all completely watered down.” ouch. The quips are similar to the ones Linda Perry sounded off on Katy Perry last year saying “So people download the single, and that’s it. She’s great for what she does, but she’s not reinventing the wheel, she’s not giving substance, she’s just giving microwave popcorn to feast on right at this moment. She’s not looking to change the world musically, so all the power to her. I’m not saying that’s bad, I’m saying it’s not what I participate in. That’s part of the reason why the music business is in turmoil.” Reading what the legend have to say about Rihanna and her friends makes the fact that Katy tried to give Beyonce an underhanded compliment that much funnier. What do you think about what Gene Simmons and Linda Perry said? Let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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The Few, The Proud, Katy Perry???

Katy Perry released the video for her hit single Part of Me and well I don’t get it. She sees her boyfriend cheating and then goes and joins the Marines? I am not sure if she was trying to go for Private Benjamin but she failed. I will give her props for showcasing the brave women in the Armed Forces and their sacrifices but the only part that really moved me was her standing under the flag. Watch the video below and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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You Talk too Much and You Never Shut Up

Getting number one singles that are discounted to .99 cents and stay number one for about a week have gone to Katy Perry’s head. The singer did an interview with BBC radio and when asked about doing a duet with Rihanna she immediately decided to compare it with Beyonce and Shakira. Perry says she wants to make an “Iconic” song not like Beautiful Liar with Shakira. The media immediately pounced on her statement and dubbed it her diss verses Beyonce and I am more than sure the Beyhive let her know her place with the @ on twitter. Now Perry is saying she didn’t diss anyone and the media is just stirring the pot. Advise to Katy Perry the best way to not be accused of dissing another artist is to leave said artist name out of your mouth , you should be articulate enough to describe what you wanted to do without mentioning another artist. It’s also laughable that you or Rihanna could make anything iconic you are both fluff pop stars who clock is ticking. What say you guys is Katy being sincere or is she backtracking? Let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Katy Perry Balls So Hard in the UK

Katy Perry did BBC radio today and did her own rendition of Niggas in Paris. I guess since she hangs with Kanye she thought this would be cute. It isn’t to me and she looks the fool but when has that ever stopped her before. Look at the performance below and let us know what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Monsters take Twitter

Lady Gaga’s monsters have taken over twitter and have made her the  first person to have 20 million twitter followers . Justin Beiber and Katy Perry both come in 2nd and third with 16 and 17 million. Lady Gaga is also selling tickets to her tour hand over fist as her Asian leg of the tour is selling out in record time and more dates are being addes. Read more about Gaga’s twitter record here:http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/03/05/lady-gaga-breaks-twitter-record-reaching-20-million-followers/ and tell us what you think about record or her tour in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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7th Heaven



















Katy Perry gets her seventh number one single with Part of Me the first single off her 3rd CD Teenage Dream: The Perfect Confetti. Since Billboard is counting this as a whole new project Michael Jackson’s title is still in tact. Katy is on pace to easily pass Rihanna’s number one record which sits at 11. Tell us what you think about Katy’s single success in comments or @medimyxx @akireshenri

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Katy Perry #1 on itunes

Katy Perry released her new single on the Grammys on Sunday and now it’s number one on iTunes. If she can maintain the position all week with her payola inducted updates she will be number one next week. That will give her seven. Tell us what you think about Katy’s new single in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri


Grammy’s 2012


Stop the track let me state facts, last night the  Grammy’s were horrible if this is the best we have in music we are in trouble. Outside of Adle’s smoking rendition of Rolling in the Deep and Jennifer Hudson’s amazing tribute to Whitney and Bruno Mars(who knew) the show was horrible and showed how non talent is the new black. Chris Brown lip synching at the Grammy’s and winning best R&B album, Rihanna still having a horrible voice but she gave an effort so I am supposed to overlook it, Chris Martin sounding like an  animal mating (it is weird Gwenyth did better), Alicia Keys having nerve to attempt Sunday Kind of Love. I just can’t and won’t at the complete tomfoolery that was Nicki Minaj. Congrats to Adle you deserved every single win as did the Foo Fighters, shout out to Dave for not letting the Grammys mess up what he had to say. Hit me up and tell me what you thought about last night’s show in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri (photo courtesy of grammys.com)

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Russell Brand does not want Katy’s money

When Russell Brand filed from divorce from Katy Perry the media has suspected the Brit would leave with half of the 20 million dollars Katy made during their marriage. Well Russel is a gentleman and does not want a penny of her money allowing the couple to reach a settlement agreement in their divorce. Read more about Russell’s noble deed here :http://www.tmz.com/2012/02/08/russell-brand-katy-perry-divorce-money/?adid=hero2#.TzMNp0j9Ook tell us what you think about Russell’s decision in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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