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Kelly Rowland X-out

After multiple rumors we can confirm Kelly Rowland will not be returning to the Uk’s X-factor. It’s not clear if the other judges will be back as well but Kelly is out. Kelly’s stint on the show is the new excuse her fans used for her underperforming album. This was Kelly’s first album that didn’t hit top 4 for her in the UK even though she was in their living rooms. Allegedly Kelly is huge in the UK but her numbers say otherwise. Kelly is currently working on her 3rd CD and co-starring on Lala’s show on Vh1. Tell us what you think about the departure in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri


Teairra Got that Act Right

Teairra Mari is a good singer who has been looking for stability ever since she was unceremoniously removed as Princess of the Roc. The singer had a deal with Warner than didn’t really flourish into anything substantial for her. Teairra has put out singles and videos through a deal with Nelly’s Dirrty Ent but now she is back working with hit producer Rico Love. Rico was the point guard behind making Kelly Rowland finally shine without Beyoncé and he is hoping lightening will strike twice. While doing radio in Chicago Teairra announced the name of her sophomore effort will be  Sex on the Radio. Teairra’s single You Did That feat 2 Chains will impact radio soon. Are you ready for round two of Teairra? Let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Destiny Refilled?

Latavia Roberson was a orginal member of Iconic girl group Destiny’s Child until she, along with former member Letoya Luckett, was famously dropped from the group. Depending on who side you belive the two were let go before the second single of the second album dropped. Both former members sued and were both compensated out of court and while both Letoya and Latavia have seen to have gone on with their lives the public seems to be locked in 2000. The break up of Destiny’s Child was held over Beyonce’s head for a long time being the foundation her haters cling on to for the depth of their hatred towards her. Both Letoya and Latavia have stated for over ten years their issues were never with Beyonce and Kelly but with Beyonce’s father and the group’s manager Mathew Knowles. Knowles management style has been questioned for years since the break up all members past and present of Destiny’s Child have dropped the elder Knowles. As Destiny’s Child became international superstars and Icons many wondered what would become of the former girls. Letoya carved her own destiny in 2005 securing a deal with Capitol Records and releasing her number one album Letoya and the number one single Torn. Everyone seemed to have their own thing going but we always wondered about Latvavia. That changed when she unceremoniously turned up on an episode of Atlanta Housewives as a guest of Phadra. Latavia revealed that after the breakup she was depressed and had a drinking problem that resulted in a DUI charge. Latavia announced she is coming out with a book and she will not be bashing anyone in the book but did a radio interview this Sunday to really drive home how all the girls are in a better place and still have love for each other. She is especialy proud of her best friend Beyonce who she started the group with many years ago. I am happy to see all the girls doing good (Farrah does not count, nor do we care)and hope they can all have their piece of heaven on Earth as they have truly shown time heals all wounds. Latavia did a photo shoot for an undisclosed reason and we have video of the photo shoot as well as a picture she tweeted as well as a link to the interview. What do you think about Latavia, will you read her book? Hit us up in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Kelly Rowland and Sylvia Rhone to be honored by Essence

Kelly Rowland and Sylvia Rhone are set to be honored by Essence for the annual Black Women in Music Event. Sylvia Rhone is a powerhouse and trendsetter in the male dominated industry paving the path for women in executive position in this male dominated industry. Kelly Rowland well, she was in Destiny’s Child and has people rooting for her so I guess it makes sense for her be honored.  Kelly also  will also be performing at the  event.Either way Mediamyxx would like to say congrats to both. Let us know what you think of Essence’s choices here or on twitter @mediamyxx @akireshenrihttp://www.billboard.com/news/kelly-rowland-to-be-honored-at-2012-black-1005819552.story#/news/kelly-rowland-to-be-honored-at-2012-black-1005819552.story

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Best Performances of 2011

As 2012 rapidly approaches we here at Mediamyxx want to name the top performances that rocked 2011. Here at Mediamyxx we struggled hard to find good performances this year unfortunately this year was lacking  our top performnce is Beyonce at Glastonbury. From start to finish the woman sung and danced like her life depended on it. During the set she fused her classic songs with mixes from her new album 4 and perfect blends of Kings of Leon and Annie Lennox. Beyonce is the top of our six at myxx check out the other 5 performances:

  • Adele – Someone Like You  VMA’s
  • Bruno Mars- Valerie  VMA’S
  • Lady Gaga- Bad Romance  A Very Gaga Thanksgiving
  • Beyonce- Run the World (Girls) Billboard Awards
  • Kelly Rowland- Motivation  BET Awards
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