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Love, Life and NO Music?

Letoya Luckett released another installment of her webseries Love, Life and Music however the music seems to be a non factor at this time. This time Letoya focused on her budding friendship with former Destiny Child’s singer Michelle Williams. I know I am supposed to be floored by Letoya befriending the girl who was chosen to replace her but I don’t care to be honest. They all have buried those hatches years ago and clearly all still care for one another outside of Farrah. Anyway watch the video below and tell us what you think about this episode in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri


PS: I have so much inspiration from Letoya’s bedroom, I love the seafoam green and her headboard

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Letoya Times 3

Letoya Luckett released her 3rd installment of her Love, Life and Music webisode. This issue was confusing, but was pretty honest in the state of her career. Letoya is working with her acting coach and talking about recording with her brother even though she hasn’t recorded anything. She is trying to go to the next level but I can assure you NOT putting out music is not going to accomplish that. She also shared her grandmother is suffering from dementia, which is an unkind ailment. I wish Letoya the best but she needs some truth in her circle. She isn’t a priority to her record label if she is even still signed and she needs to keep putting music out so people will still know she sings. Let us know what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri


Destiny Refilled?

Latavia Roberson was a orginal member of Iconic girl group Destiny’s Child until she, along with former member Letoya Luckett, was famously dropped from the group. Depending on who side you belive the two were let go before the second single of the second album dropped. Both former members sued and were both compensated out of court and while both Letoya and Latavia have seen to have gone on with their lives the public seems to be locked in 2000. The break up of Destiny’s Child was held over Beyonce’s head for a long time being the foundation her haters cling on to for the depth of their hatred towards her. Both Letoya and Latavia have stated for over ten years their issues were never with Beyonce and Kelly but with Beyonce’s father and the group’s manager Mathew Knowles. Knowles management style has been questioned for years since the break up all members past and present of Destiny’s Child have dropped the elder Knowles. As Destiny’s Child became international superstars and Icons many wondered what would become of the former girls. Letoya carved her own destiny in 2005 securing a deal with Capitol Records and releasing her number one album Letoya and the number one single Torn. Everyone seemed to have their own thing going but we always wondered about Latvavia. That changed when she unceremoniously turned up on an episode of Atlanta Housewives as a guest of Phadra. Latavia revealed that after the breakup she was depressed and had a drinking problem that resulted in a DUI charge. Latavia announced she is coming out with a book and she will not be bashing anyone in the book but did a radio interview this Sunday to really drive home how all the girls are in a better place and still have love for each other. She is especialy proud of her best friend Beyonce who she started the group with many years ago. I am happy to see all the girls doing good (Farrah does not count, nor do we care)and hope they can all have their piece of heaven on Earth as they have truly shown time heals all wounds. Latavia did a photo shoot for an undisclosed reason and we have video of the photo shoot as well as a picture she tweeted as well as a link to the interview. What do you think about Latavia, will you read her book? Hit us up in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Letoya talks Love

Letoya Luckett continues her to show her journey to her new album in the web series she is executive producing. The second installment shows Toya promoting her perm with Lustersilk, and having a round table discussion about men. Toya also shows work with Jay Valentine and opens up about her Aunt’s battle with cancer. Letoya has such a cute personality and you can watch the episode below. Tell us what you think about Letoya’s upcoming album in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri


Letoya Luckett makes 3rd CD

Letoya Luckett gears up to make her 3rd CD and she filmed and produced webisodes to promote the venture. I am not sure if she is still on Capitol Records I do know I can’t wait to hear what she is bringing to the table as both of her CD’s knock  and she is my second favorite from DC. Watch Letoya in the studio and promoting a new movie she has coming out in Vegas here:

Letoya Luckett

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