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She Who Laughs Last..

During season 2 of Love and Hip Hop Chrissy Lampkin was painted as a bully who disliked woman who made their own money. Watching the first season I never got that from her, I got she was insecure with her relationship with Jim particularly the direction it was going but hating on another woman getting hers, nah. Chrissy maintained Mona Scott-Young set her up on several occasions to take her out of her character and seeing as how the original cast is dropping like flies I can’t say she is lying. Chrissy is getting the last laugh as she now has her own show with finance Jim Jones. Jim and the family Jones will take a look at Chrissy and Jim’s life as they move forward towards getting married and becoming a family unit. I am sure that Mama Jones will also be on hand to shake things up. I am happy for Chrissy she was my favorite along with Emily B and I hope this works out for her. While I will not take a shot at Mona for trying to get the ratings up it was more than clear she set those girls up this season and that was shady. The Atlanta girls are hood rats and don’t care either way but I am now curious if Love and Hip Hop can carry on and who will they bring on the show . Let me know what you think in comments or hit me up on twitter @akireshenri or @mediamyxx

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After editing drama in the second season of Love and Hip Hop two of the show’s orginators Chrissy and Emily B are saying see ya. The girls are in talks to get their own spin-offs minus Mona Scott. Mona was very open about “following” the drama this year as they were big parts of the show going on but clearly took editing privlages and set alot of the drama up. Things came to a head when the girls wouldn’t sit down together for the reunion. Jim and Chrissy are already filming the spin off Jim and the Family Jones which includes 8 shows in 30 minute incriments. Emily B has Fab on board with her as well and while there is not confirmation for her show, Fab did talk about the made up beef indicating how Kimbella clearly was brought on the show with the purpose of underminding Emily. Good luck to the girls I can honestly say without Chrissy Lampkin I am not watching the  show. Read more on the spin off’s here :http://www.vibevixen.com/2012/04/chrissy-lampkin-and-emily-b-not-returning-to-love-hip-hop/

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Pregnant Pause

Yandy Smith of Love and Hip Hop finally confirmed internet rumors that she was with child with a picture on instagram. Many assumed Yandy’s baby was Jim Jones because her feelings seemed more than “business” with him on the show she has confirmed she is pregnant by someone else. The rumor mill said her baby daddy’s name is Mandisa and he is on his way to jail for messing with a 15-year-old.  Hoping that isn’t true but best of luck to you Yandy on your bundle of joy. Look at the gorgeous picture of Yandy and her belly belong and let us know what do you think about Yandy’s baby? Hit us up in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Love and Hip Hop Summary

Normally when a reality TV show ends on VH1 they have a reunion where the cast can hash out what happen throughout the season. Well 2 seasons in and Love and Hip Hop already went another direction because the cast can’t stand to be in the room with each other, yikes. The theme of rundown  on the season with Mona taking interviews with girls  is that she did a lot of crafty editing that made good for TV but bad for the people involved. I am very curious how this is going to make shooting  season 3 with everyone  refusing to work together. The cast working together is  clearly important to the show. The show begins with Mona interviewing Jim Jones and Jimmy takes no time to rebuff any reunion with Yandy he lets you know Chrissy comes first and immediately comes for her professionalism saying she put his personal business on blast. He also blasted Mona about how she and the production crew manipulated storylines. Yandy when interviewed tries to say in a nutshell how close her and Jim are and how Chrissy is just jealous she fit so well on the show and takes it back to her getting a check for doing the show. When Chrissy is interviewed she won’t even sit down with Mona she interviews with Mona’s partner and shows examples of how the situation with Yandy was manipulated for TV by showing  the behind the scenes of the Miami altercation. Chrissy was still basking in the glow of being engaged and Yandy comes into her space talking crazy to her. It sheds light on the millions of people saying Chrissy is just a bully when it’s clear the show loved getting a reaction out of her this year and with Yandy working for Mona it adds credibility to how all the major arguments that popped off were directly attributed to Yandy (just saying). Chrissy also said Yandy traded her managerial duties to be a reality TV and when taking Yandy’s interview into account this is clearly what happened. It should add more light to how “real” reality TV is, a situation not edited is Emily being desperate for Fab’s attention as her entire reason for being on the show was to get the B list rapper to claim her. Hope that’s working out for you girl but your face was beat with those red lips. Soymaya also got left on the cutting room floor this year a lot because she chose to rise above the drama and focus on her career. Mona said she didn’t have an opinion but it was clear she was trying to build her brand and be positive, good luck Somaya. Olivia also pulled the editing card with her situation saying she was made to look pathetic but unlike Chrissy had no examples of how they used editing to make her look as pathetic as we think she is. She annouced she has a music deal with someone and of course we put her new song and video Walk Away. She did throw Chrissy under the bus and rode with Yandy so bring on season 3. Kimbella was introduced to the audience this year wearing “jean panties”(God I love Chrissy) and getting mollywhopped by Chrissy when she stepped out of line to Emily at her party but as the season progressed Kimbella ended up being a favorite cast member, she is pretty and has a sweetness that makes her likeable. Kimbella also had plans to make Juelz claim her the same way Emily got Fab to claim her in public but it didn’t work out that way. After making sure her followers knew Emily saying they knew each other was a lie her session was spent trying to make her situation with Juelz sound like more than it was. Juelz not only didn’t want to be on camera with her but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with her. She went from being Juelz’s girl to Juelz’s baby mama and she is pregnant with their second child. Good luck Kimbella your hustle will be important to maintaining your lifestyle. Erica Mena was interviewed and Mona got her together for saying on twitter she was edited to look bad however seeing Kimbella’s situation with Juelz it’s clear Erica had the inside scoop on Juelz’s side girls. I hope they pull everything together and get the girls together again but it’s clear if you do reality TV you better go into it as a boss because the producers can take anything and flip it. What do you think about the summary of season?

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Love and Hip Hop goes ATL

Love and Hip Hop is getting a spin-off and it’s going ATL style. While no cast members have been named the show was rumored since Tierra Mari took to this year’s show. I hope Tierra gets the show I root so hard for her after how her beautiful voice was handled by Def Jam will you watch the spin-off? In other Love and Hip Hop news the reunion is coming up soon and we have a previous of Chrissy reading Yandy for filth

Chrissy Sonned Yandy

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Olivia Walk Away

Here is Olivia’s new video for her single Walk Away. I am curious to see what the storyline will be with this song on Love and Hip Hop next year but here it is:Walk Away

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Recap: Love and Hip Hop

Last night Vh1’s Love and Hip Hop had their finale and it focused on showing the girls moving forward in their lives. The show was more reflective and positive for most and left the petty fighting in Miami. Chrissy is in heaven being newly engaged as she patches up things with Jim’s mother and the couple along with Nancy headed to the  island of Jamaica. Before the trip Nancy performed her single in a club where Yandy foolishly compared it to a Beyonce transformation. Speaking of Yandy she finally admitted to her mentor Mona she crossed the line with Jim and got too involved emotionally. Yandy decided to focus on the upcoming Missy project and her jewelry line. Emily supported Chrissy and continued to want more from her Fab which makes me happy considering the bad advice she was given the prior week. Kimbella announced she is expecting another baby with Juelz and is becoming tired of his shenanigans. The rapper was arrested and Kimbella spoke in frustration over how the relationship was not moving forward. Olivia turned down a record deal for 1.5 because she feels she is worth more. Rich Dollar wisely tells her he has no more money to invest in her career as it’s clear she is dumb is as a box of rocks. The ending of Love and Hip Hop left me wanting more and I cannot wait until next season. What do you think of the finale let us know on twitter.

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Recap: Love and Hip Hop

Doing my duties as a Blogger in the know I watch the reality shows that keeps twitter and social media buzzing. This week was no exception as I watched the new episode of Love and Hip Hop. To recap the episode Yandy spent the entire episode saying she was loyal and trying to get the other girls to side with her over Chrissy, Kimbella and Erica continue to play the Who Run the World (video girls) game, Olivia continued to live on denial street and Emily continued to pretend she isn’t stupid over Fab. The best moment of this weeks show is when industry powerhouse Mona Scott-Young explained to Yandy how she crossed the line. While she refuses to see it there is a difference between business and personal. You do not get kudos for being loyal to your client that is your job and if you behave in a personal manner you wouldn’t cross your clients significant others path in the first place. What do you think about what Mona said to Yandy and give us your thoughts on this week’s new episode.


Love, Hip Hop and a Ring

On last night’s episoide of Love and Hip Hop social networks were ablaze about the second engagement of Jim Jones and Chrissy Lumpkin. When Jim showed up to Chrissy’s girl trip in Miami he gave a proposal that put Martin’s original proposal to Gina to shame. Twitter begin to chirp about Chrissy begging and pleading for him to marry her. So the question I want to ask is how long is too long to wait to get what you want when your dream is to be with somneone else. Was Chrissy being proactive to achevive her marriage dream or is her engagement ring yet another “pain killer” from Jim. Does this pain killer buy Jim more years on actually getting married or is next season already in play about setting a date and of course the spin off Jim and Chrissy get married?What say you give us your opinion.

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