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Mitt Romney takes New Hampshire

Mitt Romney unsurprisingly took the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. For the first time in months the former governor seems to be the front-runner for the Republican party’s nominee for the Presidency. Up next is the South Carolina primary.

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The Republican Race is wide open

Last night in Iowa Mitt Romney edged out Rick  Santorum by eight votes in the state caucus showing the race is wide open for the party’s nominee for president. The shocking results shows at this time there is no clear front runner to run against President Barack Obama. The results also showed Ron Paul is still hanging around. Next week the party moves into New Hamshire for primary. Read the rest here :http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/iowa-razor-thin-result-indicates-fierce-battle-conservatives-065415792.html

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Newt Ginrich tells gay male to vote for Obama

Newt Gingrich informed an Iowa man that he has no agenda for Americans who are in same sex relationships. Gingrich, who has made little effort to hide his disdain for gays told Scott Arnold to vote for Obama. Gingrich began to soar in polls the last few weeks began to slip and lose steam. We will be keeping an eye on how this flub will hurt him. Read the rest of the story at the NYDN and tell us what you think?


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Payroll Tax still unresolved

Ever since the Republicans won the House of Representatives their goal for their term is to fight President Obama on everything and lower taxes for rich people. This time its the Payroll Tax they are stalling on. Read the specfics here:


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