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Adle sets fire to Vogue


Wow, after completely owning the Grammy’s and going six for six Adle covers the March edition of Vogue and she looks amazing. Adle talks frank about her rubbish relationships that became the subjects of her hit songs and albums , her upfront personality and her love of all thing Beyonce. Adele has two middle names and one  happens to be Blue , who knew and she is heading for her 20th week at number one in the US. Read more on Adele in her interview with the fashion bible on stands now let us know what you think about her gorgeous shots. I hope Karl Lagerfeld is choking on his words right about now. (Photo courtesy Vogue.com)

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Congrats to Chris Brown

In my Grammy write up I focused on how awful the Grammy’s were and they were just that awful  but after watching the media complain about Chris Brown we wanted to take the opportunity to say congrats on your first Grammy. Chris Brown plead guilty to his crime and has done what he is to do per the law. He doesn’t owe you ANYTHING else get the hell over it. I am sick of the media talking bad about him just because. I thought his performance wasn’t good, he needs a vocal coach and a new creative director however he earned his Grammy. I am so sick of the media searching to find something wrong about him and right about Rihanna. I am a grown woman and by no means a member of Team Breezy but the more the media comes after him it makes you support him considering how they don’t seem to hold the same malice for Charlie Sheen and the other Hollywood bad boys . I hope Chris Brown really appreciates the support he has and takes the time to perfect his craft. What do you think about the mainstream media’s inability to let it go hit us up in comments or online @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Grammy’s 2012


Stop the track let me state facts, last night the  Grammy’s were horrible if this is the best we have in music we are in trouble. Outside of Adle’s smoking rendition of Rolling in the Deep and Jennifer Hudson’s amazing tribute to Whitney and Bruno Mars(who knew) the show was horrible and showed how non talent is the new black. Chris Brown lip synching at the Grammy’s and winning best R&B album, Rihanna still having a horrible voice but she gave an effort so I am supposed to overlook it, Chris Martin sounding like an  animal mating (it is weird Gwenyth did better), Alicia Keys having nerve to attempt Sunday Kind of Love. I just can’t and won’t at the complete tomfoolery that was Nicki Minaj. Congrats to Adle you deserved every single win as did the Foo Fighters, shout out to Dave for not letting the Grammys mess up what he had to say. Hit me up and tell me what you thought about last night’s show in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri (photo courtesy of grammys.com)

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