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Tia and Tamera Part Deux

Tia and Tamera kicked off their second season of their hit reality show on Style. The pair settled in to their new lives with Tia adjusting to life as a new mother and Tamera adjusting to living between LA and Napa Valley. Things got dramatic as Tia and Tamera decide to do a joint website to focus on the pair’s separate but equal interest. After the meeting Tia informs Tamera she needs to be availible for the business part of the website since she is living in Napa, Tamera takes offense. Tamera vents to bestie Andrea who informs Tamera she does disconnect from the world when in Napa. Using that feedback understand her twin Tamera is floored when she learns from her manager that Tia would be going to Utah. Tia was offered a role that both she was also up for in the a musical for TV and didn’t tell her sister. Tamera is hurt Tia didn’t tell her about the role. She vents to Andrea and hubby Adam about the snub and both tell her to tell Tia how she feels. Tia on the other hand is venting to co-star Wendy Raquel Robinson about the perils of being a full-time mother and no one understanding her pains. Wendy advises Tia to take a Mommy and Me class to connect with other mothers and to introduce Cree to other children. At Tia’s welcome back party Tamera takes her opportunity to confront Tia about the offer to which Tia explains she isn’t going to talk about right now. Tamera comes to Tia’s home the next day after cooler heads have prevails to which Tia explains she didn’t tell her about it  because she wasn’t sure if she was going to take the job. She was torn because Tamera was also up for the job and didn’t want to hurt her sister. The twins reminded each other of teachings Mama Mowry gave them and the pair moved forward. Ahhh instead of boycotting Basketball Wives and complaining about how black girls are protrayed there maybe you should get in to this great TV show here. I love Tia and Tamera its positive and not cookie cutter. Family relationships are hard sometimes you laugh, cry , get angry, jealous but always you keep it moving and stay a family. Tell us what you thought about the show last night in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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The Good Fight ?

Apparently black women are fed up and we are supposed to take a stand against Basketball Wives. The “images ” on the show are so harmful and so “violent” that we are supposed to sign this petition against the show and Evelyn’s spin-off to show them we are not going to take it anymore. For some odd reason the people behind the petition didn’t feel turning off the TV wasn’t an option. Let me say this I root for Evelyn and I feel she has done entirely too much this season, however it’s a reality TV show. This is entertainment, instead of boycotting Basketball Wives just put your support behind Lala, or Tia and Tamera? It’s a choice to watch it, you are not forced to partake of the “negativity” you are disputing. Basketball Wives is no more violent than Mob Wives or Bad Girls Club. Bad behavior on reality TV is NOT a black thing, everything is not freaking personal. I will not sign that stupid petition and I hope the petition gets the show more viewers as a result. What do you guys think about the petiton? Let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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T and T times Two

Much can be said about reality TV, the majority of women watch it and spend the next day acting turned off by the drama. We don’t have the galls to say I love the drama and pettiness of it all. Fortunately we have other shows that are more down to earth and Tia and Tamera is that show for us. Watching everyone’s favorite twins grown with husbands as they strive to stay in step with each other, was a welcomed addition to the reality tv world . Tia and Tamera is the highest rated show in Style history and we can’t wait to see where the twin go next. We will see Tamera settle into her married life with Adam and Tia, Corey and baby Cree settle into being a family. I can’t wait to see this season starting in June to see where the twins are going this year. The Style Network sent out more pictures of the girls. They look great and Tia lost all her baby weight. Look at the pictures below and tell us will you be watching? Hit us up in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Tia and Tamera Season 2

Our favorite twins Tia and Tamara Mowry are brining their hit reality TV show back to Style Network this June. The show which is hold the record for viewers on Style Network returns this June. The show has done wonders for the twins who are becoming best know for Sister, Sister reruns as their careers are making a return. The pair started their own production company Twilight Productions which produces the show and Lifetime movie Double Wedding . Back in demand the duo were recently signed to United Artist so I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of them. Tia landed the lead role as Melanie Barnett-Davis in BET’s The Game and has a role in an upcoming musical with Tori Spelling on ABC Family channel coming soon. Tamara worked on a short-lived sitcom on ABC family but we have faith she will get back in the running for a hit show soon. Will you be watching the second season of Tia and Tamara

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Tia Mowery lands Muscial



Tia Mowery  is doing the damn thing on the small screen. Not only is she the lead actress in B.E.T.’s The Game but she is a co-star on Style Network’s Tia and Tamera, the reality TV smash with her twin sister Tamera and now she landed a lead role staring opposite Tori Spelling in the Fox Family channel’s musical named  the Mistletones. The musical focus around Mowery not making the Mistletones, a group her mother starred in years ago but Mowery loses her position to Spelling. Mowery starts a rival group to the Mistletones to continue living out her dreams. Read more about Tia’s new role here:http://www.bet.com/content/betcom/news/celebrities/2012/02/02/tia-mowry-lands-lead-in-abc-family-movie-musical.html and tell us what you think about Tia’s new role in the comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

(photo courtesy of BET.com)

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