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Mama Doesn’t Play

While Beyoncé will not let the haters steal her joy of the stupid surrogate rumors, her mother Tina is fired up about them. From the beginning Tina Knowles is tired of the rumors about her daughter, she famously reminded us in 2008 that she is from Galveston, TX and will fight if need be. What Galveston has to do with anything I am unsure but I just take it as, those are fighting words. Beyoncé grazed over the rumor with the proverbial Kanye shrug but Mama Tina said how unfair the rumor was. While I agree with Beyoncé’s approach it bothers me how haters don’t take folks families into the equation when they are being hateful. Tina says she was being asked about the ridiculousness and it obviously upset her. I think she is amazing because I would have gone upside anyone’s head who asked me that mess about my baby and grand baby. Read more about the stupid rumor reaction here:http://www.eonline.com/news/beyonceacute_calls_fake_pregnancy/312405 and tell us what you think in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Mother Knows Best

It’s that time of year again when we honor our mothers , even though Mother’s Day is in May we know magazines come out a month in advance and Ebony is celebrating Mother’s Day with Michelle Obama and her mother Marion on the cover. Also in the magazine, in stores now, we have some of our most famous with their mom and children. Mediamyxx favorite Solange Knowles is featured  with her Mom, Tina Knowles and son Juelz in a cute write-up about their relationship and Tina’s relationship with Juelz. Look at the picture below and check out the articles in Ebony or over at Ebony.com. What do you think of the picture let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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Ladies Lunching
















Queen Bey and her mother Tina, Mother-in -Law Gloria Carter and cousin Angie Beyince hit a fundraiser hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama. The luncheon, which was over 35,000 a plate, was held to raise money for the upcoming re-election for President Obama. Beyonce looked amazing in a Blue (of course) Victoria Beckham dress, Lavin necklace, Loraine Schwartz earrings and Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. Besides looking phenomenal at this event Beyonce announced today her first dates to perform since giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy Carter. The legend will perform during  Memorial Day in Atlantic City, NJ for new billion dollar property Revel Resorts. Tickets go on sale April Friday April 6. Look below for more info on the upcoming performances at http://www.revelresorts.com/. (photos:Beyonceonline.com)
















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Daddy Dearest

When someone in the family has a baby most people put their bickering to the side and enjoy the newest addition to the family which is what Beyonce and her Dad, Mathew Knowles have seem to done. It was last year when the singer fired her father as her manager and Mathew asked for Live Nation and Roc Nation to be deposed. Well since Blue Ivy was born Beyonce has allowed her Dad to see her baby and what does Mathew do? Well he blabs to the entire world about the encounter to the press and uses it to speak on Beyonce doing X factor . This is why I don’t like Mathew Knowles he takes advantage of every opportunity to use his kids names to make himself look better. He is bragging on Blue Ivy and Juelz like we don’t know he hasn’t even seen his own son he fathered two years ago dismantling his family and humiliating his ex-wife Tina. When Tina was asked about Blue Ivy all she ever says is the baby is “doing fine”.  As annoying as he is I am glad he isn’t managing Beyonce anymore and take what Mathew says with a grain of salt he doesn’t know and clearly isn’t in the inner circle and is no longer apart of the decision-making process for her team. Watch the video below and tell us what do you think about Mathew’s actions let us know in comments or @mediamyxx @akireshenri

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